my tinder results with Eliran Biton troll

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I get matches without problem. I'd say I get a good 50% of the girls in a range of 20kilometers.

Most of them don't write anything first.

The ones who write first are the obese, or the nonslim young sluts with a toned body that you'd fuck and that get the weirdest photos ever jut to catch attention. Sometimes I get some desperate average slim white girl messaging me first, but never anything special.

When you write something to the hotties they answer with some quick one-line or with a laugh, and then just go no contact, like they already got bored.

The only two girls that got obsessed over my troll were an ugly borderline landwhale female nerd with no education, who was literally writing me "good morning" and "good evening" every day. The other was some over 30 slut with a job as hair stylist, bored as fuck, chubby but with good photos. You could tell she's had her good times but that in reality today she would be ugly with nasolabs.

With some effort, I could have gotten several dates with some average slim chick. Also, I could have banged a 18y.o. with tight body and jb face, and she was saying that "age doesn't matter" (I claimed Eliran was 27) just lol. I managed to get some boobs pics and some ass pics, nothing special really. My troll is active since november and has about 350 matches. I use it rarely. When I use it, I just swipe right without even seeing the faces, and I have to stop every two pics because of the popup "new match!"

After a while, I just came to the conclusion, that all women on tinder are stupid as fuck and boring as fuck. They are literally all the same and all predictable based on their photos, their body, their face and the two lines they write.

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