Hearing loud sex noises IRL is a soul crushing experience

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Legit. Make no mistake about it, ER was ultimately driven over the edge by the rampant next door sex he must have heard while living in 'satans playground'. Yes his roommates were incel however if you happen to find yourself in Isla Vista, make sure to listen very closely, you would be surprised what kind of debauchery you can hear if you are listening out for it. :pistodouble: :pistodouble: :pistodouble:

TheRealPill wrote:LOL at the delusion, self-importance and childlike need of attention that the average, aspie Sluthate member possesses.
The world doesn't revolve around you, you emotionally and mentally stunted baby.
People have sex; no big deal.
Don't flatter yourself to even think that you are remotely important enough for someone to make loud sex noises for your benefit.
You mean absolutely nothing to her, and have zero impact on her life, just as you don't give a shit about 99.9% of people who you've met in your life.
Get over yourself.

This. This is a man's attitude.

Women loudly moan to make the guy believe he is doing good. Some girls like to boost the guy's ego. I most cases an overly loud chick is faking it and she probably does not think it is really good. The also do it to make other women jealous. They really don't care to be heard by guys they don't like, why would they ruin the sex by thinking about an incel during sex?

heard it once..i had a bunk bed and sleps a couple inches below the ceiling..heard a bed creak faster and faster and then the moaning started..i actually masturbated to it, then cried a little and fell asleep
ChildMolester1984 wrote:I am a beautiful majestic Aryan god that murders Sikhs with my bare hands and they crumble into the fecal matter they are

Bumping legit thread.
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It's only happened once, and it was this couple that used to live next to me in my apartment building. I started fapping furiously to the sounds, it was fucking unreal.
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