Too many sexual partners?

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Hi all

I recently started dating a guy and we've been on three dates so far.

The conversation of 'how many sexual partners have you had?' arose, and me being a very honest person I told him straight, approx 30.

I am female, 24 years old and as far as I know it is a lot.

I haven't heard much from him since, which is odd considering his number was 50+.

The amount of sexual partners someone has had doesn't really bother me. I don't believe a girl is a slut because she enjoys sex, and I don't agree a guy is a pimp because he also enjoys sex. Sex is just sex imo.

Would this put most guys off? I've read on boards a lot (especially in this forum), that if a guy is going to judge you based on the amount of sexual partners you've had then he needs to mature. Although this may be the online boards opinion, the majority of people in reality don't seem to agree with this opinion.

I should say, I am a really nice girl, if my friends were to describe me they'd say I was one of the sweetest, friendliest girls you could meet. They would be shocked if they knew how many people I have slept with, it is something which I keep to myself. I find it most unfair if a guy was to judge me based on this. However, I do not feel I should have to lie about the 'number' in order for a guy to 'approve' of me.

Comments/opinions appreciated.


sexually active females with low standards are good, though they arent LTR material of course. you would be stupid to commit yourself to such a slooot

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