How Women Manipulate Men

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legit but god she's boring and keeps rambling

-women are manipulative parasites
-men are well conditioned useful idiots
The Angel of SlutRates

Holy shit this was very interesting. Every sluthater needs to see this, NOW.

Amazing video. Play by play analysis of the little tricks they like to use on men

She would have been better off making up story about how somebody forced her to do it. But when she started blatantly lying that she "did not say that" it became pretty obvious that she was full of shit
Captain Cuck wrote:I remember watching the video to this, absolute classic. I wish every women could experience this and like wise, men experience the foretold toils of the female life such as being "harassed". Then they would know what life is like for the sub 20th percent male. I.e chronically ignored for the entirety of an existence and expected to simply "man up", get a job, provide like a cuckold and die.

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