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online dating should be used for research purposes if you are incel.
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That validation
If you dont have enemies, you dont have a character.

-Paul Newman

WOW 3300. I knew women got a lot but I thought it was maybe like 50 messages a day but WOWWWW.

Just lol at being male in 2015.

This why so many men are becoming trannies it is just plain easier than "manning up" since nowadays manning up means for most men being treated like shit but everyone else including your fellow men who will always take a woman's side in a dispute between you and shitcunt. Manning up means last in line for everything, from clubs to jobs. Women have voted themselves free everything since they are a majority even though only a smaller amount larger than men. However a large portion of men are white knights who have no skin in the game but keep deluding themselves often. Come here where you aren't judged on the basis of username but the quality of yourshitpost



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