Women say looks dont matter cause.........

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Its true for them personally. Like they get a really hot guy that out of their league and it makes them go " hey i guess looks dont matter, holy shit. Life is great, its all about personality"

They then proceed to develop crazy "outgoing" girl personality and use that as the measure of how looks dont matter.

so in essence, chicks might truly believe looks dont matter since they experience it on the daily when they get guys above their looks league
sephon wrote:pressure on nose is actually legit though since I have photo proof. It's deformed even more since I posted. I also left it for 10 mins and it did not deform back, though that's probably not enough time. I will post final results before and after I sleep.

they have choice so the only candidates likely to get to fuck them are ALREADY good looking enough...and then they consider the potential partners behaviour or character


bad looking with good character > bad looking with bad character
average looking with good character > average looking with bad character
good looking with good character > good looking with bad character

whether an average looking guy with a good character is better than a good looker with a bad character is really open to debate

My point is. looks dont matter FOR WOMEN, therefore thatS what they GENUINELY believe.

BrickTamland wrote:My point is. looks dont matter FOR WOMEN, therefore thatS what they GENUINELY believe.

yes and no ime - some (a minority) women will be blatantly aware they choose on looks and quite open about it...possibly for the majority they are so used to having male interest that it never really occurs to them they are filtering on looks on an automatic basis

if you are a sub average looking guy your dating experience is mainly one of rejection and 99% of the time you are just never given a chance because they cannot quite get past your low level of looks..."you're a nice guy but...", "you're sweet but...","i really like you but..."

they may believe they do not care about looks but their actions usually prove otherwise - much like people thinking the sun revolved around the earth - just cause they believe it doesnt make it the truth

Women say looks don't matter to save face. When they lie like the cunts they are about how much looks matter, it makes them look like the less shallow sex.

if they say looks matter i will hate them for being shallow cunts.
if they say looks dont matter i will still hate them for lying or if they really believe it, for being dumb cunts.


A lot of women don't consciously know what they're attracted to. Until recently they have had to repress they're opinions in these matters, for the most part. They don't analyse their own behavior, they don't need to.

They justify the initial attraction to a man (once in a LTR) as being personality-based because it's more wholesome then saying they were physically attracted to him. Prolonged oxytocin release helps them into tricking themselves that this was the case in the beginning. Women find it very hard to be honest with themselves, let alone others.

Their bodies and bio-chemistry are dedicated to housing & developing another life for 9 months at a time. This doesn't allow for very much more intricacy to be going on, in general.

Every porn whore who has described squatting says that she has no control over it and doesn't really understand it herself.

Some women orgasm from rape...

They have very little say in what turns them on. Evolution has developed them this way.
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I agree, and i think it's because when you get redpilled you gradually start disengaging with your surroundings, you avoid hanging around people for too long, you stop chasing new life experiences because you know your inadequate LMS are preventing you from enjoying it and Twinky said: you just seclude your own self into solitariness which ends up working as a sort of mental safe haven. It shields you from the redpill shit you see everywhere around you, your whole life goes in limbo, you just exist without actually living, doing the same lonely shit day in and out, depressed and drained of enthusiasm you fantasize of how it all could have been while your frustration and anger accumulates. While the clueless normalfags and slayers are out there taking part in society, collecting memories for life, your redpilled mind slowly rots in misery and you basically goes numb. ~ Twinky


Legit guys will just give up and there will be no one to start families and date them when they start to rapidly decline around age 30.We know the top 20 percent will just pump and dump them and when ready to settle down go for a women 5-10 years younger then them.Guys then will say k looks matter , and start dating more women alot younger then themselves.When those beta guys turn around age 30-35 and see there peers rapid aging they will jump ship and not even ltr those women let alone marry them.

It makes me laugh when shitcunts say looks don't matter. I mean, it is such a blatant lie that you can't help smiling and shaking your head in disbelief.

Men getting too close on the dancefloor are creeps unless they look good.

Men walking in the park are paedos unless they look good.

It generally can never be rape if the man looks good.

Plus, for any of you remaining blue-pilled incels who still cling on to the chance Dem Shitconts might be genuine when they say 'looks don't matter' - remember: the only time looks don't matter are when a man is a millionaire, famous or has a cock that would split a cunt in two.

looks don't matter all the time..lms matters...different women prioritize different parts of lms...some prefer status over the others..so if one is higher and the others are not as high then that is ok..

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