Makeup theory is legit as fuck

Share your experiences with the opposite sex. Suggest ways to improve your success. Analyze the behavior of females in real life and online. Rant and rave about females. Show the importance of looks pertaining to attracting females and other social situations. Discuss aesthetics and the science of attractiveness. Exchange health, nutrition and looksmaxing tips.

I see a girl on the bus sometimes because she lives near me. I saw her walking in her school uniform 2 years ago and she seemed like top class jail bait. She's about 5'10 or 11", thin, and I honestly would've thought that she's 9/10 model tier.

I saw her today and she's barely wearing makeup, if at all. She's such a plain jane it's unreal. Gwnuinely cannot be more than a 6

Bitter Garbage wrote:They might as well just wear high end Halloween FX masks.

sephon wrote:pressure on nose is actually legit though since I have photo proof. It's deformed even more since I posted. I also left it for 10 mins and it did not deform back, though that's probably not enough time. I will post final results before and after I sleep.
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