I'm deadly afraid of physical intimacy tbh (serious)

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incel scum wrote:
youlookbettermewing wrote:im also afraid of sex. i have typical social anxiety simptoms like cold sweat, sweaty palms, diarrhea etc. when some girl shows sexual interest in me which happened 2 times. first time i told her i cant come to her house for some reason and she stopped talking to me. 2nd time she was whale and i was at her house and i said i need to go to the store when she started touching my legs.

when i see girl wanting to have sex with me my fight or flight instinct turns on and i flee


yes diarrhea is often associated with any form of anxiety. i get it when i have to wake up early in morning and go to class to write exam or some shit. i get scared like a lil bitch and my bowels start working like a scared rabbit. it dame with social anxiety.

Yeah I get the funny feels in my stomach but I haven't actually shit myself or ran to the bathroom because of it. It still classifies as diarrhea though.

That is interesting cause I never realized the association. I used to get diarrhea when my anxiety was at its worst, thinking back.

madafaka wrote:Is your penis too small? My is only 15 cm and Im afraid also. Would never fuck a girl from my social circle, she could speak bad about the sex or my penis.

15cm is about 6 inches. Mine is only 5.5 inches.

RodgerRabbit wrote:Just the idea of sex is terrifying to me. I can't really explain why. It's a mental blockage. I feel awkward about it, like exposed, gross, vulnerable, inferior etc. I don't feel like a man but a boy. I feel like a weak pathetic beta faggot.

I mean, even Brio of all people had the balls to go out & fuck an escort. Now I have no interest in fucking escorts, but even if a regular girl was interested in me and I had the chance to fuck her... I really wouldn't be ready for it. I probably wouldn't even kiss her. :?

What's the verdict on this? I feel like this could be a pretty big issue (in theory, if I wasn't an ugly incel :roll: ).

Same here. Growing up, I always thought the biggest obstacle in regard to relationships would be intimacy. I worried about whether my breath would smell bad when I get my first kiss, or whether I would be a bad kisser, or whether the way I hold her would be awkward. My fear of intimacy was so strong that it might have prevented me from wanting to date a girl even if she was interested in me. These things are still things I worry about, but now at 22 they are overshadowed by my inceldom.

Another thing I worried about and still worry about is telling my parents I have a gf. Am I the only one? My parents never talk about girls or sex with me, so it would be really uncomfortable for me to bring up that I'm dating a girl or getting married, etc.

I guess that's the bright side of inceldom. It solves my fear of intimacy.

RodgerRabbit wrote:Trying to fix yourself is literally a race against the clock. It's a catch 22. By the time you've fixed all the flaws that prevented you from slaying, you will have lost the one thing most essential to slaying in the first place -- youth.
NewGenious119 wrote:This idea that nobody owes anyone anything completely goes against the entire point of even having a society in the first place. If society doesn't owe an individual person anything, then the individual owes society nothing either, so don't be surprised when they take their frustration out on the world.

There is absolutely NO GOOD reason why, in the 21st century, every person shouldn't have their basic needs met. That means food, shelter, clothing, and transportation for all and, yes, if you are a male, sexual access to attractive females as that is considered a basic need for men as well.
Leebyunghun wrote:The number one source of strife in human existence is the inequality of looks among the male species.
germanDream wrote:a woman would fuck a cute dog or horse over an average faced man ANY day of the week. its not even close. women are repulsed by non male model men
PuaKiller wrote:Most women couldn't last a month as an incel male. They'd suicide. Prostitution would be legal worldwide and virgin shaming would cease if women were put in the shoes of an incel male for even a month. They couldn't handle it.
firehaze wrote:If a girl has never made it obvious that she likes you then you're a lot more subhuman than you think.



Anti-Degeneracy crew


God you guys are a bunch of fucking fags! :lol: :lol: If you really want sex, then get in there and go for it when a girl is showing interest. So many of you either have delusional standards, are asexual, or gay. Just fucking LOL. I've made out with ONE GIRL, but I felt like the shit for the next three weeks because of it. This was for ONE MAKEOUT, not even sex.

i feel the same way too. but in this case i think why would anyone want sex with me? i wouldnt believe her even if she swore up and down that she were interested in my D rather than just trying to do me a favor. no thanks to free hand outs, that makes me feel more pathetic to know that shes only having sex with me not because she actually wants it but because she knows how much of a loser i am.

it probably has to do with knowing you wont ever match her standards because of how much D shes already gotten. even if she were a virgin you know her mind is still adulterated from the movies shes watched and the sex that has been highly romanticized in media. sex IS awkward and weird. you hear, smell, taste, see all kinds of repulsive things and it never ends up like some ridiculously sterile peachy fresh pussy scent sex scene in a hollywood movie.

its way too much responsibility and as the man youre not supposed to feel gross or weak and incapable in anyway. its like having a job thats out of your league. sure you might be happy with the money or prestige you get from being an open heart surgeon or the president but youre not going to enjoy it once you realize youve fucked up resulting in peoples deaths and economic collapse or embarrased yourself. even though were the ones doing the pounding and penetrating sex is as much exposing YOUR vulnerabilities, strengths and weaknesses as much as it is exposing hers.

sex is only for beautiful people ATTRACTIVE people that actually have the tools and hot faces to get it done. its not made for ugly, sexless weak incels like us.

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