tinder matches with shopped pics

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holy fuck. those are some quality matches too.. anyway you could post the before and after pics even if its just for 5 minutes?

^ click the link if you havent already

Maxzilla wrote:Image

Imagine the amount of cock that girl has seen at just 16....

Phones constantly pinging throughout the day. Can't believe it.

good god what a fucking whore
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worsethanaverage wrote:I saw OP's morphs; VERY subtle too, that is what is so redpill about it. In fact they are such subtle changes I find it hard to believe they produced such big differences but I don't think OP is lying so seems legit.

Humans have specialised areas in the brain dedicated to faces; it's no surprise a few mm is all that matters.

Thought experiment: Ask any bluepilled normalfag why a down syndrome person looks funny, and they will tell you something about their moon face, or nose, or eyes, etc. But I bet I could find a non-downie normal looking person with one or all of those features. It's like we were born with the instructions already put in place, but now our global consciousness aka the redpill is like we are now learning consciously what we already know subconsciously.

amazing. i pmed Op and hopefully he can show me the pics.

also great post. what you said about those with downs is true. in reality the facial structure of those with downs is relatively marginal but so prevalent because as humans we are wired to recognize genetic defects and its no surprise a couple mms could make all the difference in whether someone is considered conventionally attractive or not

this is a top tier thread and will bump in hopes it gets stickied

what a weird thread...
Updates on OP with non morphed pictures?

I cannot believe how easy it is if you are good looking male, i mean i know guys that get 0 ZERO NADA matches, like literally they cannot even talk to anyone there. Yet you got so much...
It is like 80 20 rule is legit

Man, that is amazing. I always red pill guys who think they do well on tinder. My friend thought he was a god because he got 6 matches in 3 months.

Alphaman wrote:Man, that is amazing. I always red pill guys who think they do well on tinder. My friend thought he was a god because he got 6 matches in 3 months.

lol what a delusional incel


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