Would you rape this highly fertile estrogen white female?

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Let's face it, the only way you could ever have a highly fertile estrogen-rich white female is by means of rape, you will never have her unless you are a super good-looking , multimillionaire man. So would you rape her and satisfy your natural needs as a man to penetrate this white female who her body screams fertility, pheromones, youth and estrogen.
How could you resist this female?


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I feel I want and need sex but I can't finding a willing female, staying a virgin and rejected on online dating, or only getting as far as a bad first date is hell.
I sometimes feel my only choice is to turn to rape, rather that than having to pay some slut (which I don't want to do) . But it's just plain wrong, I wouldn't get off on the control and power aspect. I can imagine raping a woman I found really hot though in the right circumstances, it'd be about purely sex. But in my head is where it'd stay.

Imagine seeing a blonde in tight short dress, exposing her fertile slim body, she walks seductively oozing estrogen. But you know you could never have her, she has 1 million options of better looking candidates than you and she knows it. You are just a worthless piece of trash for her. Doesn't it makes you rage & rape her ?
Your best bet is at raves, crowded concerts, new year eve party or any events with lots of drugs & alcohol and people just let themselves go. You just wait for the right moment when you spot your female target. (in the toilet, backstage, dark alley, etc)

freak wrote:i'd rape her if i could.

Of course you would, imagine for the first time that female has no upper hand, she has no choice other than let you take what you want from her, you don't need to spend money, dating, approach or any other typical dating hassles. You just go to her and take what you want whether she likes it or not. Just like Nature intended.

You can't even see her face..how do you know she's not ugly

@Yogapants you piece of shit, you could never ever have her. Where's your white fertile girl?

3D Leg Analysis wrote:This is what a good example of how a gynoid fat distribution (in buttocks and legs) looks like. Fat deposited in ]the glutes, quads and hamstrings.

Looks like you are into "legs", do you have more examples of gynoid fat distribution? And what are the causes of it?

Nah, not into the whole pasty blond Nordic look.

3D Leg Analysis wrote:
Gynoid fat distribution is the fat distribution on females. It's caused by estrogen.


This image isn't refined.

A more refined picture would show that there are fat pads on the center of the buttocks and in the hamstrings. This creates a protrusive appearance of the buttocks. The fat pads would align with many muscles. The larger the muscle the larger the fat pad. Glutes are large muscles so the fat pads there are large as well. Quads are also one of the largest muscles so fat pads there are large as well. The fat pads along with muscles create leg definition but some will mistake the definition created from the fat pads to be entirely the result of muscles.

How do we know she doesn't do squats and other leg & glutes exercise for a good definition? As opposed to solely having high amounts of estrogen by herself?

Damn op you should have approached.
What is better to be born good or to overcome your evil nature through much effort and discipline?
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ewww to fat
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i take like forever to answer pms



Purtzian wrote:ewww to fat


and no. fake blond and a tan. i like old european ideals of beauty, not the shitty ideal we have now.

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