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A teenager accused of trying to kill three women because he could not lose his virginity wanted to "murder as an act of revenge", a court heard.

Ben Moynihan, 18, admits wounding the women - who were stabbed in random attacks - but denies attempted murder.

Winchester Crown Court was told that he wrote: "I am still a virgin, everyone is losing it before me, that's why you are my chosen target."

The attacks happened in Portsmouth in June and July 2014.

Three women, aged 20, 45 and 66, sustained serious but not life-threatening injuries in separate attacks by a stranger in Cosham and Hilsea.

'Smell the flesh'
Kerry Maylin, prosecuting, said that Mr Moynihan - of Knightstone Court, Portsmouth - left two letters for police.

One, placed on a police van, said: "All women need to die and hopefully next time I can gouge their eyes out.

"Every time I stab someone I like to go home and smell the flesh I have ripped out. Come and arrest me for God's sake before I hunt for my fourth victim."

He also wrote: "I was planning to murder, mainly women, as an act of revenge because the life they gave me."

Mr Moynihan had included a photograph of himself, which led to his arrest as officers recognised him on the street.

In another letter he wrote: "When women won't talk to you it's heartbreaking, why are they fussy with men nowadays?

"As I roam these streets, hungry for blood and pain, I am greeted with attack, attack, attack, attack."

Ms Maylin said videos were found on Mr Moynihan's laptop in which he said: "I am still a virgin at 17 and why do women have to be fussy with choosing a boyfriend or cheating on men with others?

"I attack women because I grew up to believe them a more weaker part of the human breed."

Mr Moynihan also faces alternative charges of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily, which he also denies.

He admits wounding the three women.

The trial continues.

Dat sexual relationship entitlement attitude.
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Two or three surgeries away from being Ja Rule gang.


it was that guy brahking

thats why he don't post here anymore

Gum Cutter wrote:it was that guy brahking

thats why he don't post here anymore

wasn't he 15 or some shit?

JFriess wrote:
Gum Cutter wrote:it was that guy brahking

thats why he don't post here anymore

wasn't he 15 or some shit?


animal lover wrote:
JFriess wrote:wasn't he 15 or some shit?


ye he posted his pic n said hes like 15

SEems like things like these are happening more and more often nowadays :lol:

Srs fuck is wrong with these people? Even If I wouldnt ever be able to get laid any more in my life, I would NOT kill people cause of it, talk about over entitlement. "If I dont get sex from u Ill kill u!" - Lol, sounds like the random muslim sand monkey :lol:

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