5500+ girls automatically liked on Tinder,not 1 single match

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brah I feel your pain. I will be running morph game and claiming an extra 2 inches of height game on tinder in march.
"Sneaking out at night to lie with your virgin gf under the stars. Penetrating her for the first time. Seeing her face in the crowd at your HS football game. Having a huge group of jock friends. You never experienced any of that. It's over. You lost at life. Time to man up and become a provider. Time to downsize and save for retirement. Time to Gillete shave your face and become a mister. Time to acknowledge that you were always destined for mediocrity. Welcome to hell. Welcome to life."


That's rough man. My ratio on Tinder was like 1 out of about 70-100 matched with me and got about 4-6 matches that weren't a bot. I'm adamant on getting a Latina so the stats would probably have been higher if they were white girls though since most Latina women (unless they are into rock n roll) don't like white men.

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