Elliot Rodger's Sister is Hot

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Good post and analysis.

This shows how makeup and a a good pic is very crucial for girls.

Although I do agree, his sister is very hot.

came in here expecting some mention of lateral orbital rims

was not disappointed

She got a way better nose than him but overall could this just all come down to the difference in what an average man versus average woman look like?

LONELY SOUL wrote:I do like Eurasian girls but this girl is not attractive. She looks better than that dead Eurasian jailbait you like though. That girl was so ugly.
Aww come on you don't like Amanda Todd? :(

She has a recessed forehead
nomad wrote:
Incel is a supernatural phenomenon and cannot be studied like the physical world because as soon as you feel yourself beginning to understand incel, the rules change.



she looks like a younger version of amia miley





having a sister as fucking sexy as georgia would drive any dude insane.

^ click the link if you havent already

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