duke slut makes "fuck list"

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PuaKiller wrote:
Homesick Alien wrote:Download the uncensored unedited version :
https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q ... BqtJXDlukA

Hmmm.... I'll look into this later if it's legit and my sanity can handle it. This fuck list validates everything we talk about on here :uzi: :uzi:

The experiences and carouseling are of course everyday stuff for shitcunts. OP's link just happens to show one of the few instances where a slut has compiled a written list.

From what I know about posts that get you raging PUAKiller, you may never recover from what you read in that link...

Yeah.... I best not read that thing now. Maybe at the weekend when I'm drinking myself asleep alone again on Saturday night :pistodouble: :pistodouble: :pistodouble: :pistodouble: :pistodouble: :pistodouble:

Norwood Cemetery wrote:Whilst this may be old news to some, it is the first time I have seen it. Quite interesting reading.

I'll spare you all the predictable venom I harbor for this ultimate of all shitcunts, and instead just convey that it is yet more confirmation of what I have always suspected/observed/discussed on here regarding the cunt gender.

As an incel, before knowing about sites like this or any of the terminology, you know something is wrong. You start by noticing all the classic bullshit such as 'you'll meet someone', 'there is someone for everyone' doesn't apply to you - most other normal people yes, but not you.

You start to become disallusioned with the opposite gender. And thus begins a cycle where you start to think progressively worse of shitcunts, and you continuously get proven correct. And no matter how low or derogatory your opinion of cunts becomes, that perception always gets confirmed by threads such as these.

Well said!!

Face=pie wrote:I bet you we are arriving at a point to where we could have some alpha jock kill us in a fight and no one would give a fuck and the girls would just get even more wet for the alpha. We could legit be lying dead in our own blood and these women wouldn't feel the slightest bit of sadness that a human lost his life.

Why "bet" when we have solid proof? Read the long post here:


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