Fascinating study on testosterone from 2009

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http://rspb.royalsocietypublishing.org/ ... 6/1654/153

The present study provides clear evidence of an association between circulating levels of testosterone and facial structure in young adulthood. Since testosterone causes craniofacial growth (Verdonck et al. 1999), exposure over time to large and frequent testosterone responses to competitive situations could produce greater cumulative exposure in facial tissues to the hormone's masculinising effects leading to an association analogous to that which exists between postprandial blood glucose spikes and tissue damage. Intermittent spikes in hormone levels may have more pronounced effects than chronic elevation of baseline levels, to which rapid tissue habituation may occur. The fact that the observed association is only present for testosterone levels measured after success in a competitive task demonstrates the importance of studying testosterone dynamics and not just baseline levels.

didn't read, but testosterone theory and genetics theory are absolutely fucking retarded

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