You were right. You crazy bastard were right.

Share your experiences with the opposite sex. Suggest ways to improve your success. Analyze the behavior of females in real life and online. Rant and rave about females. Show the importance of looks pertaining to attracting females and other social situations. Discuss aesthetics and the science of attractiveness. Exchange health, nutrition and looksmaxing tips.

I was on the old forum since it spun off from the Barry Kirkey show. All this time I thought you guys were slightly correct about looks theory, but you were crazy and exaggerated it too much.

I can't believe it's taken me this long - it's almost 2015 - to understand the truth.

Looks really do determine your life. Everything, even from a young child, is shaped and influenced by your looks. Personality doesn't mean anything. It's even been shown in studies where people will rate "personality" as better if someone is good looking, or women will find someone funnier if they're good looking.

If you're not in the top x%, you're and invisible nobody in society. And it's so ridiculous how people can't see it - once you've swallowed the pill then you can really see the true extent of it. Even guys who are incredibly intelligent in other areas are oblivious to looks theory.

I can now see looks theory EVERYWHERE like Neo when he could see the code in the Matrix. The real red pill is looks theory. Blue pill is personality theory.

I'm sorry for doubting you guys.

I had a few names on the old forum, main one was "Honesty." Not sure how to show proof and I dont care that much anyway

It's just mind blowing how oblivious I was to the importance of face. Even that recent study showing how dominance is perceived due to someone's face. It's SO obvious but most people won't even accept how important looks are

Jesus Christ I almost choked on my beer reading this. Ugly and average people have great lives just like attractive people do. Looks are ALWAYS an advantage but even if you dont have them you can still have a job and get married like every other fucker.

I would only read something as hilarious/sad as this on Sluthate

hey then how you explain rich ugly guys not old but ugly as fuck?social anomalies?no thats because personality and self control realy counts.

no he's right
they have studied it extensively

This heuristic influences what psychologists call the halo effect. The halo effect causes one trait (e.g., beauty) to drastically color your perception of all other traits. If you think someone is beautiful, you are also likely to assume they’re smart, ambitious, interesting, etc. We’ve all made these assumptions before, for good or ill. McRaney continues:

“In the last one hundred years of research, beauty seems to be the one thing that most reliably produces the halo effect. Beauty is shorthand, a placeholder term for an invisible mental process in which you are privy only to the final output.

"Like the words delicious and disgusting, it describes a distinct variation of the affect heuristic. To see and judge a face as beautiful is to experience a tempest of brain activity informed by your culture, your experiences, and the influences of your deep evolutionary inheritance.”

Let’s take a look at some of these studies.

Why Beauty Is The Most Powerful First Impression

Kzenon/ShutterstockIn 1972, psychologists Karen Dion, Ellen Berscheid, and Elaine Walster conducted a study to see just how beauty elicits the halo effect. The subjects, however, were told that the study was focused on first impressions. Each person received three envelopes containing three photographs that the researchers had rated on a scale of attractiveness—highly attractive, average, and not so attractive.
The subjects had to look at the photographs and then judge 27 different personality traits. They had to determine which person in the set of photos possessed traits like altruism, stability, etc. Then they had to judge whether these people were happy, along with their marital, parenting, and career status.

The results? With nothing but a picture to base their judgments, participants judged that highly attractive people possessed most of the positive traits, and possessed them more strongly, than others. They were also seen as happier and more successful, as better parents and as holding better jobs.


All of these assumptions were determined from one picture. But it makes sense, because humans are always predicting, always going beyond what’s at face value. This is like seeing someone wearing black-framed glasses and thinking they’re sophisticated, smart, or nerdy, when all they’re doing is wearing glasses. If they happen to be smart or nerdy, this impacts our memory and in turn how we begin to label others wearing similar glasses.

In another study from 1974, researchers gave essays to participants with a photo attached to it. Some received an essay with a photo of an attractive woman, others an essay with a photo of an unattractive woman. The participants were asked to rate the quality of the writing; researchers didn’t mention the photo in their questions.

The result? When people assumed the essays were written by attractive woman, they judged them as better written, more in-depth, and more creative. The catch? The essays were identical.

As McRaney concludes:

“When the scientists ran [this same] study with essays purposely written to be awful, the disparity between the ratings was magnified. As Landy and Sigall wrote, you expect better performances from attractive people, but when they fail, you are also more likely to forgive them.

"In short, as Landy and Sigall pointed out, you expect more from pretty people well before you know anything else about them, and when they fall short of your expectations, you give them more of a chance to prove themselves than you do people less symmetrical or slender or muscle-bound or bosom-heaving or whatever cultural or era-appropriate norms of attractiveness are woven into your perception.”

Common maxims about beauty suggest that attractiveness is not important in life. In contrast, both fitness-related evolutionary theory and socialization theory suggest that attractiveness influences development and interaction. In 11 meta-analyses, the authors evaluate these contradictory claims, demonstrating that (a) raters agree about who is and is not attractive, both within and across cultures; (b) attractive children and adults are judged more positively than unattractive children and adults, even by those who know them; (c) attractive children and adults are treated more positively than unattractive children and adults, even by those who know them; and (d) attractive children and adults exhibit more positive behaviors and traits than unattractive children and adults. Results are used to evaluate social and fitness-related evolutionary theories and the veracity of maxims about beauty. ... rinpsy.pdf
Attractive individuals are favored in various evaluative and judgmental ways. This study
examined the effects of the “what is beautiful is good” stereotype on the specific area of perceived
trustworthiness. 284 undergraduate students enrolled in an introductory level psychology class at
the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse participated in an online survey, which rated one of three
sets of four attractive and unattractive photographs of both men and women with respect to how
likable, attractive, and trustworthy they perceived the stimulus to be. Next, the participants chose
which stimulus they would trust the most in a hypothetical situation. Results indicated that
attractive individuals were seen as more trustworthy than unattractive individuals and women were
seen as more trustworthy than men. When participants were forced to choose among the four
pictures in a trust scenario, they overwhelmingly chose the attractive females.
Findings from this
study should help inform others of possible gender and attractiveness judgmental biases being
made regarding trustworthiness.
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sweet dreams wrote:this website is boring

It was quite entertaining 3 months ago with cruisecontrol AMOGGED stongcheekbonesbrah animus
it has become such a shitposting site

TheChewingGuy wrote:
sweet dreams wrote:this website is boring

It was quite entertaining 3 months ago with cruisecontrol AMOGGED stongcheekbonesbrah animus
it has become such a shitposting site

if we have luck it might die

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