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I don't see it discussed often on this forum.

Having an immaculate skin is one of the required conditions to be a slayer. Tanned, spotless, even tone and silky smooth.

How do you do it? Do you have any recommandation? Homemade recipes? Granny secrets?

Post them here.


just use accutane even if you don't have acne, because accutane will legit make your face shine and fresh .

afroemo wrote:just use accutane even if you don't have acne, because accutane will legit make your face shine and fresh .

And fuck up your liver and hormone production.

SMWE wrote:Here's a list of retinoid products.


brb getting a microscope
-deepthroating slayers
-sucking the blood of less attractive males and using them as an emotional tampon to soak up all their childish emotions while denying them sex

i use an organic face wash and an organic face moisturizer that has UV protection

I also drink over 3 litres of water a day and eat vegetables/fruits
If you are reading this, you are sub5, there is no other explanation for your lack of success with women. Anything else is just coping.

isotretinoin is not synthetic tretinoin.

mrz wrote:isotretinoin is not synthetic tretinoin.

Are you sure about this?

Tretinoin itself is synthetic, whatever the fuck that means. Do you think they extract it from a plant? Isotretinoin is a totally different drug, it's a metabolite of vitamin A. Tretinoin may also be a metabolite of vitamin A though, it's definitely related to it since it's a retinoid though. But they are not the same drug.

Copper Peptides
Sunscreen (high PPD; I favour La Roche Posay's stuff, but decent zinc oxide suffices too)
Adequate sleep
No smoking/excessive drinking/excessive drugs

Retarded thread.

Good skin comes from within. You need to not be deficient in anything (iodine, zinc, A, D3, K2) and make sure you have healthy gut bacteria, good digestion and good blood circulation.

And then hope you have good genetics in that department.

You can't fool nature by smearing shit on your face as it will not have the TRUE glow of a healthy-functioning body. There are no shortcuts when it comes to this stuff.

guesswhoiam wrote:How to get rid of forehead pimples forever? They spawn randomly. Like I eat junk food and I don't have a pimple, then I eat home-made meals and get them in my forehead. It can happen the other way aswell.

If your hair hangs on you forehead, this is the answer.

My first redpill was about skincare: I was watching an old interview with a very young Ashton Kutcher and they asked him how he keeps his skin so perfect and his secret was he washes his face with regular soap, nothing else. I remember just LOLing at even his own ignorance that he has god tier genetics and could do literally anything and have perfect skin meanwhile I have acne and doing everything I can and its barely helping

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