[tinder] LOL - who is her male equivalent?

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My mind is blown regarding what it must feel like to be able to be that picky about sex and dating options

Bitter Garbage wrote:My mind is blown regarding what it must feel like to be able to be that picky about sex and dating options

Catfish her then the olde low PH facewash trick or like i like to call it Liquid empathy

perfect example of a bitch that thrives on other peoples misery. This is the type that absolutely hates the fact that we breath.
Boysenbury wrote:Legit the ugliest guy that's ever posted here. Looks like you have crouzon's disease.

ViolentImmigrant wrote:That doughy crater skin is a classic incel phenotype. Random fat loss all over the face too.

whatislife wrote:this, and ugly beta eyes of peace. don't even need to see the rest of your face to know you're fucking ugly.

I'm hardly a Manlet but this makes me rage . Her male equivalent is 5 foot 4 and a half inches just lol
alienfranco wrote:My creepy uncle and his pitbull are probably the only ones alive who care about me. My uncle's pitbull is always happy when she sees me.

backagain wrote:Well, life is a series of hills and valleys - its just a matter of patience to get to the next hill, the next high point - savour the moments when they come but don't be foolish enough to think they last

Pariah wrote:It's addicting because it has this weird combination of truth you won't find elsewhere with total insanity

She can't be 4'11 she doesn't look that short plus it would be crazy coincidence that her friend is also that freakishly short... Still makes me fucking rage/10
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By now you do realise she's probably had 100s of buff guys, 6 foot 3 already messaging her saying "I'm your 6 foot 3 man", hit me up ;) :uzi:

this can't be real unless she just doesn't realize how tall 6'3" really is. also lol @ being 4'11" but still wanting a guy that tall (if this is real, which i doubt)

Yea If She's 4' 11" she might be able to convince 6' 3" guys to bang her but they would never dilute their genes with a midget no matter how hot.

It's a troll account which is about 55% of account on tindr

Guys youre all retarded. Thats clearly a men.
Only 5'11- women write they want tall guys
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