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Why not get them to meet up on a street corner where prostitutes frequently roam. They should fit right in.

He's a solid 8 in real life standards. His eyes hold him back from any higher. Most girls would drool to have him as a bf though. I'm surprised he gets THAT much attention on tinder though. How many girls would you say you swiped, and how many matches does he get?

I send you a pm
If you dont have enemies, you dont have a character.

-Paul Newman

What the actually fuck. That guy isnt that great looking he is a 7.5/10. (he looks short)

I didnt even do 1/4 as good with Sean Opry on Tindr. Maybe because its in Germany?!

Lord101 wrote:
Ranger wrote:Pics of the guy???

sent whats your opinion?

7-7.5 not bad

that thread was on misc wasnt it?
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i take like forever to answer pms



why not share the guy pics publicly? this thread is basically a shitpost with 0 value if you dont post it

whats his irl height? seen pics of him and hes legit 8
just lol at your life if girls aren't smiling at you like this

Even though I can't see the eyes of the girls it looks like he's at least as good looking as all of them. His eyes aren't top tier but he's very good-looking. Fuck if only I had supreme genetics!

Holy fucking shit some of those girls look like 7+

And why are you censoring these hypergamous bitches faces? What do you care? If you talked to them in real life with your real face they would spit in your mouth

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