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Hello everyone,

I've written a 30-page ebook which I believe will be extremely helpful and eye-opening to many men who have had difficulty in finding a partner, or feel they have been treated poorly on a consistant basis. I want this book to be freely shared and distributed. It contains no seduction community propoganda. In fact, it speaks against many of the common bullshit Pickup Artist delusions. There are some dark truths out there, which men in general should seriously consider if they want to ever have a truly loving relationship with a woman. Many of the ideas expressed in the book are highly controversial and emotionally charged, but I believe a paradigm shift in our cultural reasoning is necessary if we are to bring true peace between the sexes. I'm not trying to sell anything, here. I wrote this ebook straight from the heart, and it is my personal stand for what I believe in. Regarding the true nature of female sexual attraction, I honestly believe there is a deeply held and cherished cultural deception that is keeping both genders unhappy, and unfulfilled.

Since many reading this post will either identify as involuntarily celibate, or as part of the broader "manosphere", let me say I can truly relate to the frustration, anger, confusion, and negative experiences. However, I shall put forth the idea that many are misguided as to what would truly help us get along better with the womenfolk. The manosphere, though still considered a deeply underground subculture, has been steadily gaining in popularity for several years. Because of such deep pain and other negative emotions many of the aware men have experienced, there will indeed be a greater tendency as a group toward lashing out against women as a whole. For that reason, I would strongly urge keeping a cool head, and not thinking emotionally. The media is quick to paint MRA's InCels, PUAs, and whatever else from the alphabet soup I missed, with a broad, black brush. Men's issues are inconvenient, but they are becoming more obvious, and that scares those who continue to benefit from the suffering of disenfranchised males.

There are real problems that society does not want to acknowlege, and their willful ignorance will only make things worse for everyone in the future. Let's face it, guys, most women KNOW that many of the things men in the "manosphere" speak of are correct. It is taboo for women to admit that certain things are true, so they are pressured to pretend they are ignorant. The general manosphere is composed of men who see evidence of cultural deception, yet I don't believe many of their conclusions about what they see are accurate. Men are slowly waking up, but many of those who are awake are still seeing darkly.

The root of it all is an inherently offensive truth that has had a powerful influence in human history: Looks matter. We acknowledge it in a very simple, polite way that deceptively understates the true magnitude of how much this is so. Looks do matter to men, yes, but...and here's where the can of worms opens up....looks matter significantly MORE to women than they do to men. Wait! Think. Don't just react and start bleating cliched slogans. Use your head. Stay with me, here.... The cute girl/plain guy couples you see? There's typically more going on than you think. Many women feel like they have to settle if they want commitment, and many of them value commitment more than true love. Yes, I'm saying many women may "like" the man they are with, even love him in non-sexual way, but they often feel very conflicted because the sexual attraction simply isn't there. Relationships like that are doomed to fall apart. It's a major factor in the number of sexless marriages and high divorce rates.

The majority of women are only sexually attracted to the same narrow range of men, who all share common physical traits. There aren't enough of those men to go around, so they find they have to lower their standards and settle for a loveless marriage if they want commitment. We as a society are going to have to face some uncomfortable facts, eventually. There is a way that men could solve the issue, which doesn't involve returning to barbaric traditions, trying to revoke women's rights, or just accepting our fates as genetic rejects if we lack the physical requirements for true love. I believe mutual happiness between the sexes is possible, provided we agree to acknowlege some tough realities, forgive each other, and do something that has never been done before (which is explained in depth in the book).

As many of the ideas expressed in this book are highly controversial and emotionally charged, I don't expect it to be taken seriously at first. I feel I have laid out logical arguments for my positions, and it is up to the reader to decide wether or not those arguments are valid. My only reason for being here is to share the book and that's it. I have no interest in sticking around and debating my position. The reader can take it or leave it.
Above all, I want only good things to come as a result of sharing this. Even though my language in the book is often abrasive, shocking, and disturbing, my real intention is a move toward peace between the sexes. Pandora's box has been opened already years ago, as men have been slowly waking up to the fact that something isn't right, even if many aren't quite sure exactly what they are seeing. Nonetheless, there is hope for a happier future for both sexes, as long as we understand the biological basis for all the confusion and deception. Women are not morally evil. They are in a difficult, often desperate situation, which is why they behave the way they do. They HAVE to settle for less than what they want, or stay single, and THAT is the reason for so much of their neurotic behavior. We, as men, have the power to end the confusion, animosity and deception on both sides. If we realign our cultural thinking to a new paradigm regarding physical appearance, mutual romantic love for most men and women CAN be a reality, not just a cultural myth we all cherish as a coping mechanism.

If you believe looks matter more to women than they want us to believe, you HAVE to read this book! You will be provided with plenty of tools to refute those who continue to buy into the cultural delusion that women are less visual than men. Since I've lurked on this forum for years without registering, I am familiar with "LMS Theory". Perhaps "Pandora's Box: The Men's Sexual Revolution" could become the "LMS Bible"....though admittedly, it is extremely skewed toward "L". Nonetheless, it ties together how "M" and "S" play a part.
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Pandora's Box: The Men's Sexual Revolution. Free ebook here:

Stop Living The Big Lie. Download it here:

Just tell us the secret , no one will buy your book

What's the secret ? We all become MMs so women can be happy and make love possible ?

Lol I hate your writing style, but everything you wrote about women having to settle is legit. Male Hypergamy and women settling is the root of sexless marriages.

Unfortunately I think this is common knowledge?

in for later
"Sneaking out at night to lie with your virgin gf under the stars. Penetrating her for the first time. Seeing her face in the crowd at your HS football game. Having a huge group of jock friends. You never experienced any of that. It's over. You lost at life. Time to man up and become a provider. Time to downsize and save for retirement. Time to Gillete shave your face and become a mister. Time to acknowledge that you were always destined for mediocrity. Welcome to hell. Welcome to life."


I just skimmed it through, nicely condensed book man. The book is like a truncated version of all the red pill information that has been posted here on puahate and sluthate by prominent posters. This book could have saved guys like Sodini and E.R had they read it :lol:

Just write your suggestion for fixing the male Hypergamy issue in here. I'm dying to hear it.

I read some of your shit. I don't see a solution to the problem outside of polyamory. I think these men who are less than attractive fill a biological, non-sexual need in women. You see plenty of animals, esp birds, with a system where one male does just sex and the other does the provision that gets rewarded with sex.
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You better suggest polyamory or for average looking guys to start forcing themselves to beat it to chubby women and create a fetish.

SupportLocalSluts wrote:You better suggest polyamory or for average looking guys to start forcing themselves to beat it to chubby women and create a fetish.

Well that doesn't fit him saying women are only attracted to a slim spectrum of physical characteristics. It doesn't matter how fat or ugly a woman is, she only wants the jock/male model. Everything else is settling

Maybe an open/cuck relationship where girls can get off with a small number of rotating stud alphas while getting affection and beta providing from regular steady guys ?

Ceran wrote:
SupportLocalSluts wrote:You better suggest polyamory or for average looking guys to start forcing themselves to beat it to chubby women and create a fetish.

Well that doesn't fit him saying women are only attracted to a slim spectrum of physical characteristics. It doesn't matter how fat or ugly a woman is, she only wants the jock/male model. Everything else is settling

Maybe an open/cuck relationship where girls can get off with a small number of rotating stud alphas while getting affection and beta providing from regular steady guys ?

See, that sounds good in theory but wait until you have a gf. Beta providing is hell if you have a sex drive. Statistics indicate that half of men cheat in their marriages. You usually can't be a real beta provider and cheat, it just doesn't work like that psychologically and women seem to know this. So, about half of men are doing something kinda right, LOL.

Tbh, dude, I don't think women want just jocks. They want the best they can personally get for the kind of relationship they desire. Most chicks do NOT like humping and dumping from a DOM. What they want is the short term relationship guy who consistently fucks them but refuses to commit. He's usually more sexually attractive than the LTR guy, but isn't necessarily hot.

Preference for masculine men correlates with WHR (which is in turn tightly correlated with female attractiveness). There's a good study on that. So, less attractive women tend to prefer less attractive guys.

I think marriages are fine sexually so long as the pair is desirability matched, which is rare as fuck for marriage as men use money to marry women they don't deserve to fuck.
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ZordoNado wrote:Hall of fame

Yeah, this is great shit, imo. I haven't read his book, though. If he says anything about reprogramming women or reversing feminism, I am going to disagree.
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deserve? you go out and get what you can get, some guys think if the guys dont get women hotter then them by providing or making money, then the market will balance out. All of this is just ugly guys hoping the market will give them a girlfriend if everything is equal in the market.Aka a 10 women gets a 10 male etc.They think if there a 3/10 and 3/10 women would be ready for them.

Thats were the anger comes from when they see a 4/10 with a 8/10 or higher women.The ugly hates those type of guys yet envy them at the same time.

OP try to ask the Admin to put your book on the site's navigation bar.

LOl at that, being realistic guys are not gona beta provide with out sex simple as that, if you think some ugly or average looking guy will beta provide and work for society with no sex good luck.No one is gona provide so some slayer can fuck attractive women with out getting sex also.

I just read it. Thank you for writing and posting this. I found it interesting and agree with a lot of your points. The solution of making surgeries and steroids more readily available would assuredly make a positive difference.

stamaster21 wrote:deserve? you go out and get what you can get, some guys think if the guys dont get women hotter then them by providing or making money, then the market will balance out. All of this is just ugly guys hoping the market will give them a girlfriend if everything is equal in the market.Aka a 10 women gets a 10 male etc.They think if there a 3/10 and 3/10 women would be ready for them.

Thats were the anger comes from when they see a 4/10 with a 8/10 or higher women.The ugly hates those type of guys yet envy them at the same time.

I don't envy them. After the 3-4 month honeymoon, they're fucking dat ass maybe a few times a month max and the girl is acting like a fish while it goes down. Their woman is treating them like total shit constantly starting fights and holding it over their head that they're just not good enough and lucky to have her. Eventually, it ends in disaster and they break up or get divorced.

Not worth it. I'm not even angry with them. I just wish it stopped happening because when women have to settle with a guy below them for money, it ends up ripping the family apart later on. The solution isn't steroids and plastic surgery, it's widespread adoption of feminism to make it such that women are shamed for not working and that they use their sexuality to determine who they reproduce with. Done.

Seems like society is heading in that direction and you guys + these rich beta hubbies are in the minority. I don't see any cool, well-spoken representatives in the red pill movement. It's dead in the water.

You guys should be celebrating feminism, imo. These hypergamous losers using money to marry up are the most blue pilled, looks ignorant people on the planet and they're currently getting destroyed by feminism. It is a beautiful thing.
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Pretty red pilled book

One point

You've lost hope at this point. The pain is just too much. You bought a shotgun with the explicit purpose of ending it all. Online searches showed you that a shotgun blast, with hollow point, high caliber bullets, aimed into the mouth at an upward angle, gives the highest probability of a successful, quick suicide. It targets the cerebellum and medulla, the parts of the brain that control the heart and other basic functions that keep the body alive. The hollow point bullets ensure the greatest likelihood that they will penetrate the thick bones and reach the soft organs behind them, bringing a merciful end to your lifetime of suffering.

Most shotguns use several (6-12) small pellets in each shot, not bullets. "Hollow point" is a type of bullet that mushrooms on impact causing more tissue trauma but again not applicable for shotgun pellets. The way these pellets spread out on discharge is quite effective at close range.

Also you are right about the medulla controlling autonomic functions vital for life but the cerebellum is more about balance and coordination. It is at the back of the brain and would be out of the trajectory of a shot through the roof of the mouth. The cerebrum, in case you mixed it up, is in the front of the brain and controls personality and higher functions among other things and people have been know to sustain significant damage to it only to survive with drastically altered personalities

Another thing, it is my opinion that you place too much emphasis on steroids

Even without going into the fact that women are much more face-centric than body centric (unlike men), many people have unbearable side effects to roids

This strikes a chord with me, because when i finally took the plunge and started on T, I was worried most about my norwooding getting worse. But even worse was my face swelling up like shit and everyone telling me I had "gained weight" (and not the good kind). Loss of facial aesthetics is unacceptable for any amount of muscle. Even with my shirt off, the body acne and body hair would counter my blasted traps. And this was on only 200 twice a week.
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There is some stuff I agree with in your book. I just took a look at it. The Big Lie concerning love is certainly one of them. Another is the fact that women tend to be more practical when they pick partners for marriage and long term relationships. I also agree that today's stable marriages are more based on love (sexual pleasure) than practicality.

I don't agree on your solution to the problem, though. Looksmaxing is a sacred blue pill cow on this forum. I have never seen a guy go from sexually unattractive to attractive on this forum. Never.

I think the solution is just to develop a fetish for the women you can get by going out to the bar and being sociable. Those are the girls that love you in the real meaning of the word. They're usually well below the practically minded relationship girls, but sexuality is insanely fluid and will adapt to becoming attracted to things you were not initially attracted to.

I strongly agree with your assessment of practically minded relationship girls. They are dishonest and parasitic.
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Reminds of a friend of my mother , we will call her lisa she was single mother with two children from two different men never married. she ended up marrying some beta car mechanic who had hes own shop.Ill never forget when we had to help her husband mack he was 5'8 and very skinny had to lift this very heavy fridge on to the top of a car.Lisa starts screaming at him look at the great big strong man i married in disrecptfull way as the neighbors on there porchs look on.This was single mother with two kids and a house that this guy mostly payed for you think she would be decent to him.

She blames him for her children for going out late missing curfew,how can they respect him when she talks down to him and embarrases him in public.Turns out her rage was more then usual at this time a family friend named dave she dated about 15 years ago came to visit for a few days this guy was 6'5 good body and build nice looking face.Her rage was she couldn't land a guy like this and had to settle for mack.She showed 10 times more respect for the dave then her own husband she even gave him a bigger plate of food then everyone else.Lisa's son sam tells me about a story when he was younger dave came over to fix the sink and he later heard his mother moaning in the background yelling dave's name.

Sad part is i spent a month with lisa and her family for month one summer reason i know all this,the son sam ended up selling drugs at school and getting invovlved with gangs.Turns out he ended up in prison lisa ended getting a devorice with mack, and had to sell the house. Sad part was watching it as this man, mack was disrespected and got almost no sex.Some women have it to good she could have gave the dude blow job now and then at least showed some respect so the guy could at least feel good and be a decent step father.Sam's father wanted nothing to do with him and lisa, i think its the man reason he started to sell drugs and get involved with gangs he wanted father figure or mascaline energy.

This is just ridiculous, OP:

“Yes, Your Fuckin' Majesty”, Matt teased, grabbing his crotch and gyrating as he put out the roach. “Since you're in a pervy
mood, Matt, I'll ask you this question: What would your life have been like if you never had your jaw and cheeks treated
and there was no way you could realistically afford it? You remember how tough you and so many other guys had it before
they turned 21 and got their defects treated.” “It would have been hell”, admitted Matt. “Imagine going through your whole
life like it was before your treatment”, Alyssa said. “Imagine being 25 and still having no relationship experience – at all, of
any kind –, with a woman, other than platonic friendship. Not even a first kiss. That was the NORM for guys back in the
2050's when polygamous marriage was legal.

Just lol.

Also, you failed to mention penis size. That's a pretty important thing to leave out. A guy with a 5 inch dick on steroids and fully maxfac'd the fuck out will never be a lover, just a provider.

Why did you give away your book for free? A 30 page indie eBook on Kindle goes for about $3 USD. How the fuck are you going to monetize your work as an author giving it away for free? Unless you post your work on a blog and make money through Google AdWords revenue maybe.

When I publish my red pill book, it will be sold on Kindle and other retailers for $3 (maybe more depending on the length). Though it will be a lot lengthier than 30 pages. There's no way that I am giving away my stuff completely free. I'm not a retard. Sluthaters are not the type to buy books. The average IQ on this forum is probably 85 and most of the people here are too poor to buy books or too stupid to manage their money wisely. But there are MGTOWs, Men's Rights guys, former PUAs, etc. who would be willing to pay $3 for a quality red pill/MGTOW philosophy book.

Men in society don't have their priorities straight. If you're an unemployed neckbeard virgin and you're willing to pay $60 of your parents'/the state's money for the latest retarded over-hyped commercialized Xbox One/PS4 video game, then surely you could afford to pay $3 for a quality book that will stimulate your mind and make you think. Autist/Aspie Crew Anti-natalist Crew NEETcel Crew Escortcel Crew (semi-retired alum) White Colonial Game Crew (retired alum)

Truth Sayer wrote:Ugh, sorry man, your book is good Red Pill stuff, the only problem I had with it is the overall solution. You got it half right. Yes, plastic surgery should affordable, accessible, and encouraged in our society for everyone to improve looks....BUT....

...telling woman that they should only pursue sexual and romantic relationships/marriage is a BAD idea. Here's why:

There's only so many good looking guys to go around for women. As you said before, women are only attracted to a small percentage of men (roughly 30%). If all women purely married and dated based on primarily physical attraction, it would be hell for women because most women wouldn't get these good looking guys. It's inevitable that a woman has to either settle or be alone, simply cause there aren't many good looking guys to go around. Encouraging them to chase a pipedream (a hot guy who is faithful) will only hurt them more.

Here's the real solution:

Women are told when they are little girls that they deserve a Mr. Right, a Prince Charming, who is tall, dark and handsome, dreamy, mysterious, etc. This gives women this sense of entitlement that there is a guy out there for her who fits this image. This addresses what you would call the Second Big Lie. Even plain janes believe this. Society needs to start telling women that they won't all get a Prince Charming. Society needs to tell women that stable relationships and marriages are with guys that are not hot. When women think of marriage and LTR's, society should encourage them to think of the average joe. Women should know right from the get go that hot guys are only there to pump and dump them and won't commit. Women should be told from the get go that they either have to choose to marry an average joe or that they might have to accept being alone the rest of their life. When women think of marriage, they should accept that it is a practical marriage, and that they are not entitled to romantic marriages. Right now society spoils women and makes them all feel entitled to a Prince Charming. If society called women out on their unrealistic standards and made them realize that romantic relationships aren't guaranteed, women would at least have more reasonable expectations with the men they settle for.

I´m agree with this guy.

Is needed to stopping all mass media bullshit that encourages women to get impossible 10/10 guys.

The new message must be clear: "Accept and average guy or die alone".

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