This guy has universal appeal

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thereturnofabulldog wrote:
datingisstupid wrote:
Sure you do man.

you know i do? youve seen my pics what a shit troll

The girl on the far right in the 2nd picture is worse looking then you. The other girls are better looking then you. The guy is also better looking then you. Whocares though? Looks like he's loving life and your rating or mine or anyone else's does not matter

Alphamagic wrote:
thereturnofabulldog wrote:
BTW i looksmog the first and second girl on right easily. The ratty faced jewess in the third is probably on par with me due to her smooth looking high e skin and tight, shapely body

Just no she is above you, don't delude yourself

you've never seen me in motion
alienfranco wrote:My creepy uncle and his pitbull are probably the only ones alive who care about me. My uncle's pitbull is always happy when she sees me.

backagain wrote:Well, life is a series of hills and valleys - its just a matter of patience to get to the next hill, the next high point - savour the moments when they come but don't be foolish enough to think they last

Pariah wrote:It's addicting because it has this weird combination of truth you won't find elsewhere with total insanity

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