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this law will not serve emotionally abused women

the vast majority of women who will take advantage of it will be those looking to get revenge on their husband for whatever reason

they will simply lie and tell the police, he called me a whore, i am emotionally ruined, give me all his money and send him to jail

3D Face Analysis wrote:So if a wife and a husband frequently has heated arguments with each other, and they shout mutual insults to one another during the heat of the moment, then the husband would always be presumed the "bully" and the wife would always be presumed as a "victim taking revenge".


Fuck this gay earth.


It has gotten that bad in Britain, really?
PinVistheonlyIOI wrote:I legit looked at the mirror for 2 hrs just being pissed at myself for being so ugly

PuaKiller wrote:LOL at having your dick Jew'd off when you're an infant. 8-)

I just read this on the Reuters UK website.

Of course, sexual equality only applies when it is in favour of women. Despite the fact that a huge proportion of domestic violence/abuse cases in the UK are instigated by shitcunts, we read this article as if DV can only be caused by men.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but this all seems to be part of a grand female agenda to demonise men for every single felony - all men are paedos, all men are wife beaters, all men are rapists - it's fucking infuriating to see women constantly playng the oppressed damsel card when for years, these rottencunts have been manipulating sexual equality to their advantage; most usually when financial gain is involved (i.e. divorce and family laws, maternity leave, preferential workplace treatment for mothers, equal pay, quota/positive discrimination in favour of women for executive jobs).

And the excremental icing on this particular triple-layered shit cake of gender discrimination is that of all people, Theresa fucking May has proudly concocted it - a politicunt who is known to hate men with a passion. I'd like to rip her kitten heels off her feet, jerk 'n' jizz plentifully into them, then gouge her eyes out with the stiletto tips and send her home with her Manolo Blahniks embedded into her orbital sockets. Hey, If I'm going to be demonised as a male, I'd best get hung for a sheep instead of a lamb, right?

Dem Shitconts.

The UK will be the first country to pass the Violence Reduction Act (VRA)

- All men must wear buttplugs in order to curb their natural violent tendencies.

The law will not apply to immigrants of course because they are legit violent alphas and must be appeased.

Good. More laws the better. More alimony. More child support. More divorce settlements that benefit women. Men nowadays are fucking retarded and need to be beaten over the head with the fact that marriage puts your testicles in a woman's purse.

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