An example of Looks Theory in the work place

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I remember when i went for a security guard training class, i was just handing in my paperwork to the manager and shes just like "Wow youre so handsome" she says to her female coworker "look at this guy, theres so many good looking guys coming in today"

Then she asked me if i had any office experience (mind you i came in for a security certification course)

I say "not really"

And shes like

"Youve just got that look, like you need to be working in the office"

I smile and say ok sure

Then she tells me to come see her after the class to talk about an opportunity.

When i went back she had already left..and i just ended up taking the classes.

But its still an example of how i couldve got a higher position based off my looks

Yes, this might sound like bragging or trolling on an incel forum but im dead serious. This really happened to me.
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The animal drive in women is as strong as ever, and in this day and age they're allowed to completely act on it without repercussion. Once I get my oculus rift it's bye bye society


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