some new mood/mental health supplements I bought

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NOW FOODS - Rhodiola 500mg, rating: 6/10
NOW FOODS - 5-HTP 100mg, rating 5/10
NOW FOODS - L-Tyrosine, rating: 3/10

The rhodiola is supposed to act like a mild anti-depressant and anti-anxiety pill. I have had these pills for about a week now. The rhodiola actually works somewhat well, I have noticed less stress lately but it also makes me kind of tired. The 5-HTP is supposed to raise your mood, and I would say it is doing a decent job of it. The tyrosine say it "supports mental alertness" but I have only seen a little bit of improvement from it.

If you're using all of them simultaneously, I'd bet that the effects are because of 5-htp. I have used rhodiola and didn't notice any effect.

L-DOPA (in the form of mucuna pruriens extract) is a better source for dopamine than l-tyrosine.

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