10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman

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whateverthefuck wrote:
incel scum wrote:
lol, a European trying to talk about race. you eurofags dont know anything.

Have you ever met a virgin black guy? Exactly, they do NOT exist. Because being born as a nigga is GUARANTEED sex for the rest of your life. They are the HIGHEST race when it comes to sex and women. They've got a niche market you could only dream of, with HOT sexual white women. You don't knowvehat you're talking about,vyou fcking ER clone.


id rate her a 9

She's an attractive girl, but she's not close to a 9.

A few of those seemed like panhandling attempts (one appeared to be a guy trying to get her to go in his store), which of course we all have to deal with walking through a big city. The guy following her might have been wanting to mug her (or worse) but she probably never left a crowded area.

Also, it doesn't seem like it, but 10 hours is a long time to walking around the streets. You can see a lot of weird shit in 10 hours downtown in a big city.

It's a shame actually, because this sort of behavior doesn't really improve men's lot in life either. Behavior that makes women afraid and unhappy, and lowers men's social value is pretty much the definition of lose/lose.

But contrary to the plea at the end of the video, good luck trying to fix it without a massive infringement on our freedoms.

whateverthefuck wrote:
incel scum wrote:
lol, a European trying to talk about race. you eurofags dont know anything.

Have you ever met a virgin black guy? Exactly, they do NOT exist. Because being born as a nigga is GUARANTEED sex for the rest of your life. They are the HIGHEST race when it comes to sex and women. They've got a niche market you could only dream of, with HOT sexual white women. You don't know what you're talking about, you fcking ER clone.

Stop generalizing, the top percentage of niggers with swag and athleticism get prime white women. The rest wallow in their own semen.

lol your a bounch of fools. this is fake

they did it in my country too.
lol this is norwood cemetery/why allwayes me



Which Sluthater made this comment?

Jewish face
Victim complex
Taking donations
You're not getting my shekels this time chaim.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

So basically like 5 minutes of "harassment" (notice the quotes) out of 600 minutes walking around. So she is effectively being "harassed" for LESS THAN 1% of her time not only on the street but in the fucking ghetto, if these were all of the incidents she showed. What a hard life women have. So much struggle and oppression!
gobman3000 wrote:If she even passes the threshold of not making you gag by looking at her, then she's out of your league.


Somebody make a video of a male walking into yoga classes for 10 hours. I am curious
sephon wrote:pressure on nose is actually legit though since I have photo proof. It's deformed even more since I posted. I also left it for 10 mins and it did not deform back, though that's probably not enough time. I will post final results before and after I sleep.

We are getting closer to the day that feminists will enact laws which say you cannot even say hello to a woman. This is the end goal. Feminists want to make it so that ONLY 8+ men and rich men can speak to them.

Eventually feminists will make beta males wear dildos on their heads as a legal way to humiliate and demoralize them from getting legit plastic surgeries. Doctors will not be allowed to fix genetic anomalies in incels. The day of reckoning is up0n us. Not srs. but kinda srs
PostThis post by cats was deleted by puanewb on Thu Mar 10, 2016 11:26 am.
Reason: Requested via PM

Feminist definition of harassment: A sub 8 male dared made a sound addressed to me when I wasn't forced to by social convention.
Real defintion of harassment: Repeatedly making threatening advances AFTER you have already been told to stop

The only somewhat strange treatment she got was when that guy followed her for a few minutes and even then I bet if she had just asked him to leave at the start he would have. And that was 1 ghetto guy out of like 10,000 people she walked past. Just LOL, even this isn't harassment because he stops when he finds out the girl isn't down:

Note: I'm not even against harassing chicks as long as you are not physically harming them (no WK shit)

was baiting these reactions for her feminist agenda by dressing and walking like that
6'2" masterheight white twink with masculine face crew
MGTOW crew
STEMcel crew
High T low I crew


A nice representation of how male sex drive differs from female's. And some of you still have hope :lol: :lol: :lol:
-deepthroating slayers
-sucking the blood of less attractive males and using them as an emotional tampon to soak up all their childish emotions while denying them sex

Fucking feminist needs a proper acid-facing.


Whimminz reactions when I try to be more "confident":

This video shows how fucking good looking you need to be to pull off a direct daygame pull.

Last week as I was walking home an ethnic JB told me she liked my eyes. I was stunned silent.

Not only did that make my day, but as an incel I will cling to that for the rest of my life.

Now that I see the boyfriend I believe the video was 100% his idea. That is the face of a cuckold. He wanted to see his girlfriend get approached by "BBCs."

I got 2-1 odds he's uploaded vids of her getting slammed by ethnics in a low-rent hotel.

Pleosthene wrote:
just lol buddy boyo wrote:girl is a true 4, and the guy looks like an absolute beta cuckold faggot

She does have a 10/10 body though, in her other pics I literally get haloed by her body and want to fuck her hard, but lol at her face

I would fuck the shit out of her in a creampie gangbang but I wouldn't want to be seen with that piece of trash in public.

She looks like she has a busty figure and was wearing really tight jeans and a somewhat low cut very tight shirt showing off a nice pair of boobs. It looks like she was showing off her figure, honestly. Otherwise, she would've worn less tight clothing.

I also think her selection of areas to walk through was slightly unrepresentative. She walked through areas laden with lots of African-Americans who are honestly more forthcoming than white guys are ; also, she was probably a rarity in such settings. If she walked on a college campus, she would seldom get cat called like that.

Also, as WAPFTW said, the video shows you how hard cold approach is. The direct cold approach is really hard, lmfao. If more of these videos come out, cold approach will soon be illegal, LOL.
Two or three surgeries away from being Ja Rule gang.


animus_ wrote:lol if i had a girl that looked like her, id be fucking her 4 times a day. just saying.

any faggot calling her a 3 and saying she is repulsive to humans should fucking kill himself or ponder whether he is gay instead and doesnt like pussy.

id rate her a 9. thats a hot bitch with a nice wide ass and some tits.

i would pound her, too.

BTW, they are watching our comments.

just lol buddy boyo wrote:yes she was pretty average, I would still smash hard but definitely nothing special. If I was out playing the # game I would definitely approach her but it would be a real approach not like these faggots. Yelling out "hey mama" isn't an approach because they don't actually want the girl to stop and talk to them, they just want to express their desire for their own ego gratification. They wouldn't know what to do if this girl actually stopped and started talking to them. If I saw her I would try to get in front of her, stop her with eye contact and body language smile first, and be more polite about expressing my interest in her, and since I look better than all the guys in that vid and am white, she actually would enjoy it and might give me her # sincerely if she was available at the time.

If our boy Lachowski even just said hi to her and smiled she would have stopped the video and tried to go have sex with him on the spot.


So true. Honestly, I don't think anybody can approach a girl by saying, "I Just Saw A Thousand Dollars" (as funny as it was) and get anything out of it. That girl was just hilariously out of place there and it was comedy hour to the guys.

Honestly, I'm kind of offended by how racist and classist this video is.

I don't know how to post youtube videos on here, but here's a guy giving his rebuttal to the video. It's entitled:

Saying Hi To a Woman = Harassment? Yes According to Feminists (10 Hours of Walking In NYC As a Woman


One of the posters in the comments section, named "IncliningPizza", says something interesting:

IncliningPizza wrote:"Come on, dawg... so you're saying that only in specific circumstances convenient to the one-being-eyeballed is when it is okay to hit on somebody? It's a public space, and as long as somebody isn't verbally harassing you with lewd comments or physical contact, treat them as human people with human desires.

See, the problem is that a lot of women don't seem to realize that when they are born, they don't have to earn their sexual power like men do; they are born with it. The reason why so many men are saying, "shut the fuck up" is because it is so much harder to earn that validation for males than it is for females."

Don't get me wrong; some of the guys hitting on her were complete fucking idiots. And unlike men, women have a very real fear of rape that men will never have. Never underestimate that effect on a female's psyche. However...

....she deliberately put on some skin-tight jeans (in order to attract illicit attention for the video), and spent 10 hours walking through rough neighborhoods. The vast majority of men talking to her or approaching her were minorities (black and hispanic). And many of the statements made to her are polite.

If she walked around on the streets like that in my hometown (over 80% white, upper-middle class town), nobody would bother her.

It's weird. The women I date, and the women I see on the Internet....all say that they want the man to take the initiative and take charge. Women are mostly complaining about the men that they don't like approaching them. They have more sexual and social bargaining power than a man will ever have, and often feel regret when they become old....and lose this.

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