Nasolabial folds, midface ptosis, face melting ( pics)

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Do you have a long.philtrum?
How does your lips look like when closed? Are you mouth breather? Do you have mouth open? During night?

probably lack of projecting bone structure, as you age, your skin loses elasticity and will begin to sag, if you have weak bone structure, this will be exaggerated
If you are reading this, you are sub5, there is no other explanation for your lack of success with women. Anything else is just coping.

did you do an aggressive cut in that space of time?

there could be so many reasons

Could be a lack of vitamin k2 or copper

Vitamin K's Anti-Wrinkle Actions
Vitamin K plays a key role in protecting skin elasticity and could soon be the latest nutraceutical appearing in savvy high-end cosmetic lines. The research is just coming out that people who cannot metabolize vitamin K end up with severe premature skin wrinkling. (Gheduzzi D, Boraldi F, et al. Lab Invest. 2007 Oct;87(10):998-1008.)

One of the principal researchers involved is Leon Schurgers, a vitamin K icon whose name appears on numerous landmark studies involving the nutrient. Schurgers thinks vitamin K deficiency is also highly likely to be linked to wrinkling in healthy "normal" populations because vitamin K2 (menaquinone) is necessary for the activation of Matrix γ-carboxyglutamic acid protein (MGP), which inhibits calcium from depositing in elastin fibers.

In the same way that vitamin K2 (via MGP) prevents calcification in the cardiovascular system, (a.k.a.,atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries), vitamin K2 prevents calcification of our skin's elastin, the protein that gives skin the ability to spring back, smoothing out lines and wrinkles.

Could those unrelenting smile lines be a sign you're lacking optimal levels of vitamin K2? A few facts to consider:

Even a diet quite rich in leafy greens supplies less than half the vitamin K needed for this nutrient's calcium-regulating activities. (Cranenburg EC, Schurgers LJ. Thromb Haemost. 2007 Jul;98(1):120-5.)

Unlike the other fat-soluble nutrients (vitamins A, D and E), vitamin K is not stored in the body, so must be provided daily. Despite vitamin K2's production by healthy intestinal bacteria, humans can develop a deficiency of the vitamin in as few as 7 days on a vitamin K-deficient diet. (Israels LG, Israels ED, et al, Semin Perinatol. 1997 Feb;21(1):90-6.)

Absorption of vitamin K, like that of other fat-soluble nutrients (A, D and E), depends on healthy liver, gallbladder and digestive function. Deficiency is more likely in people with digestive problems like celiac disease, irritable bowel disease, or who have had intestinal bypass surgery, since all increase likelihood of fat malabsorption.

Canola and soybean oils are a primary source of vitamin K in the American diet. However, hydrogenation changes the vitamin K in these oils into a form no longer capable of activating osteocalcin, MGP and other vitamin-K dependent proteins. If you eat a fair amount of processed or fast foods that contain hydrogenated oils, your risk of functional vitamin K deficiency is greatly increased. (Booth SL, Lichtenstein AH, et al. Am J Clin Nutr. 2001 Dec;74(6):783-90)

Studies of healthy adults have found high levels of uncarboxylated (not activated) osteocalcin and matrix Gla-protein (MGP) in all subjects tested. K2 activates both proteins, so high levels of their inactive forms indicate a lack of sufficient K2 to do the job. (Cranenburg EC, Schurgers LJ. Thromb Haemost. 2007 Jul;98(1):120-5.)

Vitamin K needs increase with age. Older individuals (>70) require higher levels of vitamin K to keep levels of uncarboxylated (inactivated) vitamin-K dependent protein low. (Tsugawa N, Shiraki M, et al. Am J Clin Nutr. 2006 Feb;83(2):380-6.)

Image ... y_s/29.htm

If you can be assed to listen to this vid its worth a listen, you dont have to view it you can just listen to it in the background.

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Neck Training Thread: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=16&p=36#p36

I was pretty sure you have a long philtrum. Thats one Of the Main reasons Of this "melting" effect how you called it.
I dont have any face pics online but you can search for kyras pictures and he is also complaining about the melting effect.
You probably lack lip competence and like already said midface support.

Mike mewing is legit but it wont help you anymore

Go for jaw surgery, lip lift (philtrum melting effect), cheek lift (NSL folds),
You could post a picture.

you look unathletic and like you have a shitty diet leaving you deficient in a horde of vitamins and minerals, while at the same time fucking up your hormone profile

RetractedMaxilla wrote:
Already posted pics, but here they are:

You have quite droopy, negative bone structure and i dont think your head is as broad as you think it is. You have quite a long recessed midface face and a narrow dental palate. You've aged, its nothing more than that, and with you having Droopy/negative bone structure is going to make your natural ageing process seem worse.

Btw im not being a dick, i have similar features and it sucks as theres nothing we can do about it unless we get surgery.

If u have lost a fair amount of bodyfat lately, that could be the reason.

Your scleral show and negative PFI likely have the same root cause as the rest of these issues: a weak underlying bone structure, as has already been suggested.

Dude am I reading correct? Do u have fucking 31nmol testosterone?

cruelfate wrote:Maybe it's just becoming more pronounced due to aging.

Yes, due to loss of subcutaneous facial fat. In individuals with stronger bone structure this normally leads to good-looking hollow cheeks and such.

RetractedMaxilla wrote:problem?

No Im just surprised, that is VERY high T levels in todays day and age, most fuckers have like 20nmol at most.
Hows your libido, drive, energy etc, mind sharing?

RetractedMaxilla wrote:libido & drive?the hell i know, i'm just horny as phuck and get quickly aroused by looking at any semi-sexy female outhere, let alone feminine looking, filled with estrogen beautiful sl00ts. But you have to know that i'm inceling for 12 months already.

evergy?Tired as phuck, without energy, semi-depressed and half dead. I'm an IBSer with subclinical hashimoto, probably also have that chit called "Fogy brain".

Lolol hilarious, how often do you jerk it?

If you don't want a full LeFort, you can get the next best thing....facial implants. Dr Y does a clone of a LeFort with with Cheek (malar), Orbital Rim, and Paranasal Implants. It's not cheap but its less invasive than a LeFort II or III


PinVistheonlyIOI wrote:probably lack of projecting bone structure, as you age, your skin loses elasticity and will begin to sag, if you have weak bone structure, this will be exaggerated

Basically this. I'm 29 and have shitty skin elasticity. If I look down so that my face is parallel to the ground I can actually feel the skin on my face hanging down. If I look up at the ceiling my skin feels taut again. I have bad NL folds but have avoided every other form of aging due to having a completely expressionless face (no smiling, frowning, etc.) - limited facial movement is definitely legit for preventing aging. Still, I would happily trade forehead lines, crows feet, etc. for my NL folds as they are by far the worst form of aging.

I have a long philtrum (20 mm) and recessed maxilla, but my teeth are reasonably straight (never had braces).



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