Video Proof of lay from last night (ONS with 6.5+)

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B-b-but you are white and tall.and you were never that Bad looking. Its all about being white and tall

Btw how is your lip lift going?

sensorydeprivation wrote:Gandy smiles upon me and grants me another lay within the span of 2 days, Im actually feeling exhausted atm, Im not cut out for slaying. Im gonna try to LTR both the mixed race girl and this one, although this one had an even hotter body.

I dont know, its either an insane amount of luck or I have gathered a sufficent sample size to conclusively deduce that I found a shortcut on how to get laid, a looks based one. But I feel that most users on here dont deserve to know.

Feel free to crank up the brightness setting since its kinda dark.

INB4 "Youre actually good looking sensdep"

JUST LOL at your fucking coping mechanisms, I have a legit dentofacial deformity. The government is paying not just for a BSSO and rotation, but also for jaw implants in order for me to look like a normal person. I can only dream of how it must feel to chew food properly which you take for granted everyday. Im 150lbs at 6.3" and I have no status, diagnosed with aspies etc. Everyone with any clue about facial aesthetics will understand quickly that I am objectively unattractive.

INB4 "You are tall and white and thats all that matters". Everyone except the muslims are white in sweden. 6.1-6.2" is the average height among young swedish men, it hardly gives me an advantage at all. In fact every 4-5 guys are ambition tier here which means Im pretty fucked compared to other swedish males.

This .90% on this site are either trolling or fucking retarded. I for myself now i dont get laid not because of my height, but because im shy and cant even look females in the eyes.
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If you dont have enemies, you dont have a character.

-Paul Newman

and your seeking validation on an incel site

how sad :lol: :lol:
lol this is norwood cemetery/why allwayes me


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Tell me with whom you associate and I will tell you who you are. If I know with what you busy yourself, I know what you amount to

this proves nothing. i don't know what deformities you are talking about but you look normal in that video. narrow head but that's it. with your height you are pretty average. if you look like this guy or better and complain about not getting any just lol.

sensorydeprivation wrote:
uglykent wrote:this proves nothing. i don't know what deformities you are talking about but you look normal in that video. narrow head but that's it. with your height you are pretty average. if you look like this guy or better and complain about not getting any just lol.

How many fucking times do people on here need to see this picture to understand that Im ugly?

adult image host

and you still look like that? in video your chin didn't look so subhuman.

This is what happens if you take action and looksmax as far as possible, instead of shitposting here all day. :D
Good work, Sens!

but no way you have really asberger :)

TheFallenGremlin. wrote:I may be a retard senseslay but if you can convince the goverment for paying for several facial surgery and convince him to pay you a lifetime asperger rent of 2000+ then you actually have a lot of charisma. I know the people here will yell looks matter and yes it´s true and we all know this but if you have charisma like sense and can talk well then yu can be succesfull The girls were into looks because of morphing but it was your charisma that leaded them to sleep with you, and you look gentle and not dangerous thats already a factor that made it easy for getting the trust of those girls I doubt that guys here can just copy youre game and to the same

first time i saw you jaw pics i was WTF that guy is deformed then after some weeks listening to you on tinychat i thought he is slightly above average :mrgreen:

LOL anyone can get government-subsidized cosmetic surgery in Sweden. You just have to be ugly enough
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Aspies, heres how it works and this is what I've been saying for a long time. If youre a white 4-7 (in real world ratings, not aspie ratings on here), you pass the looks criteria for 4-8 women (again, normal ratings). a white 4 passes the looks criteria of a white 8. This is why in the real world you see white 4+ males dating up so often.

White aspies on here are terrified to look girls in the eyes. They have no friends, no social circle, and come across as beta nerdy faggots IRL. They hide behind looks and delude themselves as much as the PUA faggots delude themselves that their routine delivery stopped them getting laid.

"its all about looks bro, i'll be slaying after my fillers!!"

:lol: :lol: :lol:
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Sens, at this point you gotta realise that most of the things that are preached here is aspie bullshit. You are living proof of it, are you not?
PinVistheonlyIOI wrote:I legit looked at the mirror for 2 hrs just being pissed at myself for being so ugly

PuaKiller wrote:LOL at having your dick Jew'd off when you're an infant. 8-)

Another thread getting ruined by subhuman uncle Toms spreading their racial filth where it doesn't belong.

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