15% of all women admit to sleeping with their boss

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If somebody writes something on the internet, it definitely happened without a shadow of a doubt
gobman3000 wrote:If she even passes the threshold of not making you gag by looking at her, then she's out of your league.


For those who say that there's enough women for every man, the examples above proves that all women go for:the same men with either high Status Money and Looks.
I believe 100% with all of the above except the last one - any woman would sue for sexual harassment and demand a high remuneration. ,
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Boss game is legit...a women cold approached me in a bar before and said I reminded her so much of her old boss etc etc...basically gagging for it, she looked like a drug addict.

Today on sluthate news:

Looks dont matter, its all about being old, rich boss.

Tomorrow on sluthate news:

Height does not matter, its all about being a midget stripper.
-deepthroating slayers
-sucking the blood of less attractive males and using them as an emotional tampon to soak up all their childish emotions while denying them sex

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