The day I gave up on women - My story

Share your experiences with the opposite sex. Suggest ways to improve your success. Analyze the behavior of females in real life and online. Rant and rave about females. Show the importance of looks pertaining to attracting females and other social situations. Discuss aesthetics and the science of attractiveness. Exchange health, nutrition and looksmaxing tips.

In the first half of my teens I had no friends , or got any attention from girls,. I slightly disliked my appearance but I didn’t care that much back then, I’d only rely on family gatherings and school to interact with people. Little did I know that it would have a negatve impact in years to come.
Second half on my teens I had moved out of my parents’, Living abroad I got responsible and independent. But my social life was no existent.
With some knowledge of PUA I started to approach girls for few days - I read that men actually don’t have the balls to do it, I thought if I do it girls would appreaciate that. Needless to say, I got brutally rejected even though I made myself as presentable as possible.
I remember being at a lodge reception, this attractive woman who was beside me never looked at me even though I was trying to make eye contact with her. Man did that hurt!
I never let a woman verbally reject me, Being lonely for so long I started to think a lot and was able to read body language.
That’s when I realize the importance of LMS, and started to hate my appearance even more even though I look normal with an average height.
My only hope was to be an entrepeneur and make enough money for cosmetic surgery because no I found no attainable job that can pay even half of the surgery price. I also wouldn’t stand the office environment with women around gossiping, being unproductive, showing their anus, etc, they seem to be everywhere nowadays fucking parasites. It’s not an easy choice I made but I have no more options, getting cosmetic surgeries is my purpose in life.
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if you want to get surgery so you look better for women.... you didn't really give up at all. Just to say.
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EscortAddict wrote:if you want to get surgery so you look better for women.... you didn't really give up at all. Just to say.

No,you missed the point. Nowadays life is miserable in all aspects when you're not good-looking :business, social life, dating, self-esteem etc. And besides it's a way to get back at women, it will be me who will ignore them. I'm not particularly looking for a girlfriend, women are demonic, materialistic lunatics. We see the proof everyday.

Are you a virgin?

RodgerRabbit wrote:Trying to fix yourself is literally a race against the clock. It's a catch 22. By the time you've fixed all the flaws that prevented you from slaying, you will have lost the one thing most essential to slaying in the first place -- youth.
NewGenious119 wrote:This idea that nobody owes anyone anything completely goes against the entire point of even having a society in the first place. If society doesn't owe an individual person anything, then the individual owes society nothing either, so don't be surprised when they take their frustration out on the world.

There is absolutely NO GOOD reason why, in the 21st century, every person shouldn't have their basic needs met. That means food, shelter, clothing, and transportation for all and, yes, if you are a male, sexual access to attractive females as that is considered a basic need for men as well.
Leebyunghun wrote:The number one source of strife in human existence is the inequality of looks among the male species.
germanDream wrote:a woman would fuck a cute dog or horse over an average faced man ANY day of the week. its not even close. women are repulsed by non male model men
PuaKiller wrote:Most women couldn't last a month as an incel male. They'd suicide. Prostitution would be legal worldwide and virgin shaming would cease if women were put in the shoes of an incel male for even a month. They couldn't handle it.
firehaze wrote:If a girl has never made it obvious that she likes you then you're a lot more subhuman than you think.


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office environment with women around gossiping, being unproductive, showing their anus, etc

Fucking HATE office bitches who flash their anuses all day. :rambo: :rambo: :rambo: :evil: :evil: :uzi: :uzi:

CB-03-01 wrote:
office environment with women around gossiping, being unproductive, showing their anus, etc

Fucking HATE office bitches who flash their anuses all day. :rambo: :rambo: :rambo: :evil: :evil: :uzi: :uzi:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Alphaman wrote:what would you rate yorself out of 10?

4.5/10, no acne, no deformities, no pot belly, swimmer's body, with average height and face.

Gregory wrote:Surgery does a fairly good job of making ugly people look more normal, but a pretty terrible job of making already normal people look attractive.

How do you know that? I'm sure the physician will advise what more needs to be done on my face. They're expert who perform surgeries on daily basis. They know very well what needs to be done something that I might overlook.

Here's what I'd like to do:
-High cheekbones augmentation and enhancement because mine are a bit shallow.
-I have a minor orbital rim marks and nasolabial folds they are not that noticeable but if you see me at different angle you might notice them. I don't know why I have them maybe because I have a very low body fat percentage.
-I need a surgery for a pointing nose, and smooth and appealing lips.
-Last but not the least a little bit of jaw implants and of course LL surgery.

I couldn't care less about the pain, nothing could compare with years of unbearable loneliness, lonely weekends, hurtful rejections by the lunatic cunt gender, no social life, being treated differently comparing to beautiful people who have the glorious halo effect, at long last my life is an ordeal.
I'll also take care of the costs, I'm working nonstop as an entrepreneur and business seem to be on the right track.

I found a perfect illustration of what I wanna do with my face:


Hard to tell what is possible with surgery without your pic

A year has passed, I'm still overseas and didn't approach any singl cunt, acquaintances are wondering what's wrong with me , but i'm glad i'm herbivore now, i don't have to deal with the infernal ordeals of chasing & dating the cunt gender.
My purpose now is to make money for 3 years to afford my cosmetic surgeries.

Thanks, you people should be herbivore like the Japanese men. Disregard the cunt gender.

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