Oh, my heart bleeds for you my Dear

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Redpilliseverything1 wrote:Hot girls are mentally ill especially these bulimic types all those years of abuse from those alphas got them becoming paranoid and pityful but good news is they are willing to fuck incels because their self esteem is so low they don't understand thier sheer sexual market value

i know a gorgeous girl, 9/10 by even puahate standarts, that has pretty much given up the dating scene. even thought shes only 22. shes so fucking paranoid that shes gonna get pumped and dumped, that she never accepts to go out with anyone, even with chad thundercawk type of men.also having an eating disorde rmeans you're fucked in the head. the girl op posted is not lying.

Uh oh, a girl is encroaching upon BP's monopoly on being a miserable whiny cunt! How dare she! Only Brian Peppers knows true suffering and he's the real victim.

You bitch about how people are unempathetic towards incels, but you yourself are callous and dismissive of others who you think haven't earned the right to complain. You have a twisted zero-sum view of empathy and think that the support this girl is receiving online could be better used elsewhere and comes at the expense of more deserving incels. If you weren't so absorbed in self-pity and hadn't closed yourself off to your own humanity, you'd realize that compassion is an inexhaustible resource. Yeah, this girl can easily get a boyfriend, but that doesn't mean she doesn't struggle with her self-esteem and confidence.

I'll admit, it does suck the way women hate ugly men like myself and have absolutely no understanding for how shitty our situation is (if they did, surely I wouldn't be a virgin still), but that doesn't mean we should answer hate with hate and allow women to justify their mistreatment of us. We must whiteknight and love them all the same and demonstrate through our actions that we're worthy of being treated like fellow human beings.
Und es kam der Tag, da das Risiko, in der Knospe zu verharren, schmerzlicher wurde als das Risiko, zu blühen.

Damn, those formerly bullimic chicks are always so fucking hot.
Too bad some of them get fat. Fucking feminism
Besser widerlich als wieder nicht
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PostThis post by OnlyBarnPigsWantMe was deleted by 3D Face Analysis on Tue Oct 21, 2014 4:30 am.

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