The REAL redpill

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I see a lot of people shitposting about what the real redpill is. Let me set it straight. The real redpill is when you go ER. Period. In its truest form, the redpill is extremely dangerous and cannot be accepted/processed. You look at your life and you look at your face and realize you're a shit tier subhuman slowly wasting away.

ALL of you still secretly hope you will make it, deep inside. You're not redpill. The real redpill necessarily implies the absence of any hope.

If you were truly redpilled, you'd know that there's no way to fix your shit tier maxilla.

blasting T has NEVER worked for anyone except to get low-class girls and strippers and single moms

that's the most a gymcel will get

it's all about the maxilla buddy boy

Niggardofspeech wrote:Is it required to go ER to prove a point or is just ending your subhuman suffering peacefully and quietly enough?

Not required, but more of a consequence. When you truly achieve redpill status, you go insane and are overcome with an incel rage so intense that you start stabbing and shooting people. Few people truly understand how dangerous the redpill is.

Testosterone injections don't give you back your childhood.
Whimminz reactions when I try to be more "confident":

Although I agree that having no hope is a legit redpill concept, another concept of redpill is knowing that no one else has it any better. Thanks to the boom of social media, everything is smoke and mirrors nowadays so it is REALLY hard to see who people truly are.

Going ER isn't necessarily redpill as it is a necessary function of entropy. But the thing is, unless it is on a grand scale it doesn't mean shit. For example, if ER blew up the sorority house instead of shooting it up, it would mean a lot more and people would be mentioning it nearly 15 years down the road like they did with 9/11.

Redpill = Accepting that everyone is meaningless unless they are famous or something.
Chad nuthugger crew
Raped as a child and accused of rape as an adult
Anti-Autist crew
35+, 8 blowjobs but no D in V

Aren't you like a 30 year old computer programmer? Why haven't you taken your own advice yet if this is how you feel? Your already old as fuck and past the point of having hopes of improving your LMS anyway your just wasting more time posting on a forum and idolizing male models who are 10 years younger then you are.

GENETIC SHIT wrote:Depressing thread.

fucking lol

as if your life wasn't already severely depressing

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