legit 10/10 with a 3/10 guy.

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Gandy's Hooknose wrote:Win for sub6 crew

BTW while he's definitely not good looking, he's also not ugly

Your eyes don't hurt while looking at him

Not saying that he's anywhere near that girl's level, but he's not that ugly

Looking at his instagram he definitely has something more than L going on for him

So he's an average normal 5.5/10 guy? ( Slight bonus points since the average guy is fat and atleast he is in decent skinny fat shape. )

Also yes I agree his instagram looks like he's got some sort of rap status, chances are if he's trying to rap despite being a college student white guy who looks to come from a good background he's probably got some sort of rich parents as well.
Don't go to work crew.
Don't lift crew.
Don't shower crew.
Don't brush teeth crew.
Don't leave house crew.
Sub 8 life drop out of school, work, society, and enjoy your hobbies.


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