legit 10/10 with a 3/10 guy.

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Does it mean there is actual hope for us?
Boysenbury wrote:Legit the ugliest guy that's ever posted here. Looks like you have crouzon's disease.

ViolentImmigrant wrote:That doughy crater skin is a classic incel phenotype. Random fat loss all over the face too.

whatislife wrote:this, and ugly beta eyes of peace. don't even need to see the rest of your face to know you're fucking ugly.

that girl is extremely sexually attractive (look at her body - got damn!!)

the guy is around a 6/10

him getting that girl doesn't apply to this place because that guy is not a NEET and seems like he's got a lot of friends
Two or three surgeries away from being Ja Rule gang.


Damn nice body, perfect fat deposits, ideal everything, also 7 face. A true LMS anomaly, fuck knows how hes doing that.

that girl is pretty fucking close to a 10

dat youth
dat face
dat body
dat skin
dem titties
dat ass

Extroverted cool guys with lots of friends date up almost always. It's taken into account with the S in LMS so no anomaly here.

I bet you she'll dump him in a few months though.
Being a 6/10 WASP guy with a trust fund is EVERYTHING

StongCheekbonesBrah wrote:Strong coping mechanism in this thread.

Girl is above the guy any day of the week so drop it trying to act like theyre looksmatched you sound like damn fools :lol:


This site continues to prove its full of mentally deficient human beings. LMS theory is bullshit i could find a million real life regular people that disprove it but i suppose the more you cope the better you will feel about your lack of a hot girl.

admin wrote:She's not a 10/10. She uses filters, lighting effects, posing, cheek-sucking and lots of makeup for her own pics. She has chosen the best pics for her own account.

She looks worse in pictures from the guy's account. For example, look at her here: http://instagram.com/p/q0LHQUPxTR/?modal=true

The bone structure of her face isn't that great from both accounts, either way.

The guy sort of looks like he has an anteface, which is an attractive trait. He also has decent cheekbones.


Sluthaters would underrate him because of his long philtrum and slightly negative canthal tilt.

That's extremely legit, but you can't argue with the fact that she probably THINKS she is a 10/10 godlike specimen. So question still stands - what would such a diva see in an average looking guy?

All you have to be is a DOM guy with average body and 4/10 face - when you have it then game, personality, S + M and other stuff can get you girls that better looking then you.

Wait is he a darkie? That explains it BBC theory in effect.

MrIncel wrote:Wait is he a darkie? That explains it BBC theory in effect.

no he just has a fucked up nose aswell. This guy is literally subhuman.

Every time a looks anomoly like this happens everyone says oh well she isnt 10/10 so it doesnt mean anything. LMAO

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