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puanewb wrote:Why can I draw two parallels

If I am with someone else, and my cat is there, my cat hates my guts, runs from me, etc.
Yet, if I am alone with my cat she is friendly and desiring of my affection.

Likewise this situation with females. If I am alone with a girl, she likes me, if I am with other people I am disliked.

If this happens it means the cat and/or the woman see you as lower value but are happy to use you when they want. If other people are around then the woman/cat feels it will be judged for being with a lower value specimen thus lowering her options with other men/humans.

You're essentially there until something better comes along. If a cat finds someone with more food and things to play with it will leave you, same with a woman.

Nothing is more anxiety inducing than when you're hanging out with people and a girl is doing this exact thing to her boyfriend and treating him like he is below her. It literally sky rockets my anxiety to be in the presence of a human being being subjected to this and just taking it because of how pathetic they are.

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