how do u take your coffee?

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I never ever drink coffee
"This is a legit thousand yard stare in the middle of a fucking social event. Worrying about putting on a neutral expression on a social picture is as aspie as you can get, just to facemog ugly drunk UK subhuman trash. And fix your wardrobe."

Hairy Trueman wrote:
pidria wrote:I never ever drink coffee

are you NEET or do you drink energy drinks?

what does need mean

Hairy Trueman wrote:it means you have to have it

No I mean what does NEET mean?

I drink about three cups of coffee and three espressos each day. I have a typical Asperger routine so it's the same every day.
Whimminz reactions when I try to be more "confident":

You are a MAJOR subhuman if your answer to this question is anything other than "up the ass."

I don't drink coffee, lol

What is the point of drinking coffee other than when you're tired in the morning?

Even when I was tired in the morning, I never felt the need to drink coffee.

i love coffee. i used to drink it with sugar but now i drink it straight black

i always have 1-2 cups a day. i used to drink 3-4 cups a day but i have cut down

i have to have my coffee daily or i wont fully wake up

Coffee raises estradiol levels by 70% !
-deepthroating slayers
-sucking the blood of less attractive males and using them as an emotional tampon to soak up all their childish emotions while denying them sex

I have never drank coffee alcohol or smoked. But I drink 0.5l coca cola every 3th day.

Black coffee, but it has to be a very dark roast.

When I was broke back in the day I used to go to the Honda dealership across the street and pour the coffee meant for their customers into my own tumbler and walk out.

Now I get free coffee whenever I go to IKEA thanks to having some kind of loyalty card they issue.

I like Armenian coffee too, but you may know it as Turkish coffee; not in Glendale, though, with the sizable Armenian population.

I rub coffee on my philtrum and let it seep into my bloodstream via diffusion and osmosis.

LPSuD (Long Philtrum Subhuman Disorder) affects over 1 unlucky baby a year.
If you or someone you know suffers from LPSuD, please have a hitman kill them/you.
LPSuD: Because, your lips should be moved up.

I love coffe! Back to back $5 lattes all day ya heard!

Mouth Breathing Master Race Rules All!!!!


dont have a coffee maker anymore, but when i did, it was espresso or coffee with stevia.

Now i just pop a caffeine pill

AMWF CMNF wrote:
mangous wrote:Turkish coffee without sugar 1-2 cups a day

Now here is a gent above the usual McD Incel crowd of S.H. Lately I have been using a (pre-heated) plastic pour-over tray with a pre-heated tea cup & saucer for my black unsweetened ground coffee. Occasionally, though, I will boil hot water & fine-grind coffee with a pinch of cardamon spice on the stove-top Ibrik and make coffee fit for a connoiseur Greek. Fine culture has no nationality. Even an underweight virgin Asiancel such as I can appreciate the fine qualities of Western culture -- including their fine virgin JB.

Stop necroing threads you sperg.
"There is no doubt that many a man owes his good fortune in life soley to the circumstance that he has
A pleasant way of smiling, and so wins the heart in his favor.

However, the heart would better to remember what Hamlet put down- that one may smile, and smile, and be a villain." -Arthur Schopenhauer

At least try make all those alts less obvious.

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