legit 9/10 giving me IOIs today

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i'm in an honors seminar about drug development. all grades. i walk in like 15 minutes late, take a seat next to a 9/10 blonde goddess.

this girl is dressed like Athena in a blue Grecian gown and headpiece wearing tan suede boots and no socks visible. a legit GODDESS.

normally i try to be a normal person and talk to my classmates but i went legit full aspie when this girl started smiling at me. Tried to come off as only casually interested in her but I'm sure it came across as NERVOUS AUTIST.

Somehow she's still seeming interested and as the class starts she keeps looking over at me and turned so her whole body is facing me (we're right next to the teacher so we cant really chat during the class).

Thing is she is a freshman so maybe she really is into me (senior). I was AMOG of that class (its an honors seminar... only other males were asians and wimps) but I'm a 4/10 She must be from a small town or something to be expressing interest in me.

I'm used to struggling to attract obese 4s for ONS, this is completely uncharted territory for me guys. How can I keep this bitch interested? can I treat her like a 4 or do I need to activate beta WK mode? I'm a senior in college this might be my last chance at prime JB

PLEASE give advice. (virgins will be ignored) We're in a pharmacology class about drugs, should I offer her drugs? does that make me look cool or like a try hard or low inhibition ???

Ask plestophene he is a special in this area
If you dont have enemies, you dont have a character.

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isn't he an autistic 20 year old virgin?

sounds like exactly the kind of guy I shouldn't take advice from

Jst a smile isnt an ioi. Girls smile at me all the time when i go out. Even girls that reject me.

I wasnt there but i wouldnt call that an ioi.

In my experience the only way to get to sex is through compliance game and escalation.

You need to accept that its either going to be a rejection or compliance.

So run compliance.

Next time you see her just say anything that requires response.

She responds? Compliance

Express interest. Do you get an ioi then? Dont know how to express interest? Tell her you like her outfit or whatever. See how she reacts or even reacts at all. She smiles and responds then tell her you want to hangout with her sometime and just number close. It doesnt matter how long you talk to her. Ive laid girls talking to them for onlyfive minutes and getting number.

She gives you her number stop investing. Just vibe. And hit her up on texts and lead into day 2.

Ecalation is basically using kino and seeing she is receptive and moving up on escalation ladder.

A lot of girls just smile though cause theyre happy people. I even get girls smiling atme while rejecting me.

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