Your job is to support women and alpha males that fuck them

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PostThis post by cats was deleted by puanewb on Thu Mar 10, 2016 11:26 am.
Reason: Requested via PM

PostThis post by cats was deleted by puanewb on Thu Mar 10, 2016 11:26 am.
Reason: Requested via PM

cats wrote:
mfz wrote:LoL at LTR.Cuckold mode enabled.You don't really know much about women don't you?
How many times they had girls night out and fuck good looking guy at the end of the night?
How many times she goes on a vacation and fucks egzotic surfer type of beach boy?
How many times she had one night stand?
How many times she had threesome with her best friend's boyfriend?

I had 2 LTRs between age 19-22.And 6 STRs with EE women in Cyprus-Antalya area at age 24.(god knows how many times i got rejected)I have never had ONS.I had to wait for sex and go out with the girl just to make things warm between us while 7+ men gets ONSs at first day easily from the same type of women.

Just lol if you have to wait more than 1 day.Just lol at marriage.Just lol at LTRs.
And this alpha-beta shit needs to end now.There is no such thing as alpha anymore.

Yup you sound like a guy with real experience.

Anyone who has been in a LTR knows that women ALWAYS cheat. .

I think it depends on country.EE men have it easier because they are more women than men.(more than 20 million Russian men died at ww2,)If a women can get a beta provider they usually stick with him and make him happy.(EE women don't withold sex)
On the other hand i've read somewhere Male to female ratio is close to 122/100 in America, prostitution is illegal + white knight goverment = Hypergamic women.They can get another provider or 7+ fucker in a week so why would they stick with him?

cats wrote:
Unless you are a natural alpha, your job in life is to support a civilization filled with women who don't want you, no matter what your job is, and the alpha males that they secretly or not so secretly want to fuck.

Women in their high school-college years bully and actually shoot down beta / unattractive / nice guys in the cruelest ways possible, while running through a gauntlet of emotionally unavailable, tall, muscled bad boys, and then once she reaches the point where grey hair is not too far off, realizes that she needs a free meal ticket and free money before she can no longer make herself sexually available to alphas.

Your job then is to support them, to help maintain the civilization around them, which is largely a support system for the fantasy of women who stomp down the street in their high heels, with their eyes peeled for alpha men. It doesn't matter if you work 8 hours in the sewers, as an engineer building the subways that carry them to Manhattan for their "girls night out," or as an electrician that helps them charge their phones for texting their alpha fucks, as a computer engineer to invent new ways for them to find alpha fucks and attention whore, or as a doctor to help deliver their alpha spawn sexy-sons.

It doesn't matter at all. They have no use for you at all, only to scoff at you for daring to exist in their world where only the highest value men are able to look at them. Your job is to carry on this civilization which is merely a stage for women and the 20% of men to carry on their "movie-like" existence, with the other 80% being completely useless, peripheral, or just not even in the vision of women in their daily lives.

You have been warned. ... ur_job_is/

thats why its better to date fun loving and free minded jailbaits

PostThis post by cats was deleted by puanewb on Thu Mar 10, 2016 11:26 am.
Reason: Requested via PM

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