People look like how they act

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Rolex wrote:
Yes I do smoke weed and do drugs and do drink when I've had the chance

You don't need to do that shit to get laid dude. A girl can't fuck your personality, that only slightly matters for relationships

Dude how are you going to tell me what girls like if you have no experience at all?

rockstar wrote:
Dude how are you going to tell me what girls like if you have no experience at all?

Because I've actually approached girls so I do know what they don't like atleast

What you think they like=/=what they really like

Yes I'll try those

White girls absolutely hate me lol

wow. so you havent try this yet? just fucking LOL.not suprising you only get rejected. 5 of the 6 woman i fucked were ethnics. marrocean.iraqian and such. white girls in israel are also snobs pieces of shit. they wont even spit in my direction

and what about asian woman? they will fuck a white guy with down syndrome
lol this is norwood cemetery/why allwayes me




dude why are you gay?Thats ridiculous

Dont listen to this guy. There was plenty of tall built guys in HS but if they have two left legs and cant play sports girls couldnt care less. You need to be a fun upbeat and mature dude and i GAURANTEE you you have some sort of anxiety maybe even ASPERGERS. You cant be perfectly normal and be a virgin. You need to get going player. I dont even want to troll you because Im your age I lost my virginity at 15 fucked 3 girls at 15 Im in a drought since and I feel depressed. I feel completely depleted. Girls used to ask me if I was a player. You know what that feels like seriously man. BUST YOUR FUCKING ass and get laid. You need to think that its you against this world and your going to split the fucking water in half like moses if you have to to get laid.
Thanks for the advise, I agree with not thinking about looks in black and white if pussy is the goal.
I'm gay and have a partner so don't care about scoring sex.
I want to look more masculine and mature because as I said, how you look effects how people perceive you and trust you. Sailer's Nazi lecture is spot on with that.
It's very important for business.

yeha nice troll attemp. sean taxiera

pussyintimidated wrote:because he LIVES IN THE US

dont you get it u fucking retard? US standarts are the highest in the world

they have all that football player nich and they hate any guy who is under 6 ft. just look at the group heightism on twitter. its all american sluts

like i said if he lived in israel where the standarts are lower he would gotten laid easly. you dont get it cuz you live in fucking romania, your a country full of gypsis. off course getting laid in your shithole of a country is easy. go steal a purse you gypsy faggot. eastren europe is not part of the westren world. therefore dosent count.

God you fucking imbecile! I am from the US. Lived here all my life. Don't pull that stupid can't get laid in America bullshit! It may be harder but that's mainly just an excuse to blame your laziness and lack of sex on.

Wants to marry a redhead crew
Blackcel crew

pussyintimidated wrote:
I would say a mediumish trust face is best but it isn't a solid rule of thumb... I'm thinking like Brad Pitt, Clooney, Ben Affleck, Chirstian Bale... List goes on. Most protagonist actors have medium trust faces.. But to be fair that may just be to broaden their screen appeal to the general public rather than a good measure of attractiveness.

I think you can be attractive with any sort of "trust" face or "prenatal T" face... These guys are all attractive

Lower trust Image

Medium Trust Image

Higher TrustImage

first guy is slayer material

the other two are avreage faces with alot of status

ben asslack fucks the ugly latina jeniffer lopez

According to this, lowtrust is best

If you're low trust better hope you're Male model tier or slayer at least or with some sort of family business. You'll find it hard if you're average low trust to make friends and find women. They would rather employ some high trust beta male because hes always gonna be below them. Employees and women looking for relationship materia hate anything low trust or too good

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