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CaptainOCD wrote:I don't understand how Rodger was incel. He was good looking.
The other guys sure, but not him. He clearly had some serious mental issues and let some outside influences get to him.

are you retarded, the only good looking one was george sodini, he legit looks like henry cavill


just [email protected] asian woman in the background. That was his only hope.
Thou hast mewn this morning, I take it?


To mew (verb), past participle: mewn, mewen, past tense: mewed.

Mewing (noun) - the act of becoming human via proper tongue placement.

Mewneedy (adj.) - a maxilla or mandible that needs mewing.

M-mewn System (noun) - your regime or exercises used when mewing

"Thine mouth area is looking rather mewn these days" said Chad to Brian.


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