A leading cause of incel: single mothers

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Were you raised by a Single Mother?

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-Lack of poor judgement in choosing a mate when she has the monopoly on reproduction
-decides to keep the bastard knowing that the father doesn't want it, doesn't have an abortion or give it up for adoption
-can only raise the bastard poorly, even her best attempt can't fill the role of the absent male
-bastard grows up without a clue of how things actually work, is bluepilled to hell about women
-has to figure it all out on his own when it's real late

It could have been much worse, but I don't understand why this generation's young men have to suffer because some women decided to act selfishly and fuck the children and themselves over.

shitty genes + bad upbringing, definition of a womb to tomb incel
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If the same child was attractive, he wouldn't be incel. Ugly = incel

It depends the mother is redpilled and if you are on the autism spectrum or not. I know a guy who was raised by a single mother and he played high school basketball, lost his virginity at 16, has a laycount approaching the 100s. Why was this possible? Cuz he wasn't autistic, his mom was able to redpill him about what chicks really want in a guy (Charisma + LMS) at an early age and he had an advantage.

There's another guy I know who was an only child raised by a single mom and he was autistic, so his mom felt like she had to protect him at all costs. The last time I talked to him he was still a virgin and he was 28. That was about 5 years ago.

I do agree that bad upbringing + sub 7 looks = No chance at any decent life and no chance at getting a gf of ANY form.
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