If personality & confidence mattered, would you be a slayer?

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RodgerRabbit wrote:Or would you still be incel? Would you be off better or worse?

Still... Probally even worse, but hard to tell.
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I would be with 10/10 girl who will never cuckold me
I would be taking care of our children by now.

If personality and confidence matters.

In reality it's all looks AND not being brio level retarded.

I only got the personality confidence and not being a retard. My FACE and my skin and my height bans me from most women's love.
When I do find a civ. it won't last longer than 2 years since she finds someone who is better L.

You can train to have more MS. But L.
PostThis post by BiffTannen was deleted by puanewb on Sun Sep 07, 2014 6:55 am.
Reason: Requested via PM.

Sorry but confidence is SUPER important for slaying women - but not in the way you think.

It is important in the sense that if you don't have the confidence in yourself to approach a lot of women, you will struggle to slay. How the fuck are you going to fuck girls if you are too scared to approach? Confidence does not help attract women. Also, if you think you are going to LAY every girl you approach, you are dead wrong. Even if it goes well, other factors can ruin your chances of getting laid. If you don't have the confidence in yourself and you cannot grasp this idea, you will always be mentally fucked and you will always think it's your looks that is preventing you from getting laid

My personality is the reason I even fuck it up with girls that would want me. so yes, it would be better for me if it didnt matter
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