What's the difference between an 8 vs 9 guy?

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Once you reach the 7+ threshold IRL, you will be many girl's 8, 9 and even 10. If you are an objective 8, then you can be the large majority of women's 10. 9's are very rare as they would be over 6'2, with perfect muscle insertions, perfect facial aesthetics and a deep voice.

Norwood Cemetery wrote:Really what BigFoot said. Once you consider men in the top tier of being very good looking with recognise desirable aesthetics, trying to prioritise which of these men is better is Aspie, hair-splitting behaviour - best left for the mentally defective and latent homosexuals who festoon this shithole.


I know good looking when I see it, but once you reach 8+, exactly how good looking they are becomes less relevant. Doesn't really matter since at that point they'll see more pussy in 2 days than you'll see in your entire lifetime including escorts.

DeppIsGod wrote:
Fag wrote:-fish lips
-frog eyes
- short (5'7 IRL)
- scrawny


He is 5'10 and he is banging this at the age of 50:


He is banging her because of his ultimate status and money. She wouldnt even look at him even he wasnt rich .
And no he isnt 5'10. on photos next to cruise(5'6 probaly with frauding), Depp looks like 5'7".
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