women have the power. fuck whoever they want anytime

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There's no purpose in life if you're not rich and good-looking.
"I do not run like a man running aimlessly."
*Disgraced Athlete *

Loner wrote:One of the most obvious things to any man who stopped to think,in your shitty miserable life is the difference in the life of a woman and a man.

Imagine you, a man , having the power to fuck with whoever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want? Going out on the street and get "cat called", and stares. And with just a "hi" or touching the hair or talking with a straight face "let's fuck" and get positive results?

Imagine you, a man can having this power and on top of that, they get you to the motel, paying the motel, paying for beer and maybe take a pleasure to take you to dinner. Having someone that you call and comes running to you to fuck? Imagine you having the power to do that with most people you meet?

Visualized? This is the female sexual power. They, the ugly, the chubby, the hot, the average, the single mothers, the nerds, unless they are completely deformed (and still can) have the power to fuck with the most of the men they know at any time. They can go on the street corner and lift their skirt or take a longer look and there will be QUEUES of men from all walks of life, beauty, race and personalities to fuck.

- Men need to learn to be outgoing, have expensive cars, money, personality, confidence, like, initiative, boldness, good job, go out a lot, have many friends, status,have an interesting lifestyle, good conversation skills, connect, game, talk for hours, learning about her, work out, be strong , tall, badass, alphas and other absurd shit.

Who do you think gives them all that power? Men do. Men are, on average, more desperate and needy than women are when it comes to that sort of thing. Stop chasing every moderately attractive woman around. Stop putting women on pedestals and then acting all disappointed when it turns out (((spoiler alert))) women are humans too. Not that different from men for the most part.

Women know this and take every advantage that their vagina grants them. Fucking leeches.

Women know this and take every advantage that their vagina grants them. Fucking leeches.

Women know this and take every advantage that their vagina grants them. Fucking leeches.

yall crazy most bitches dont know how and wich niggas to use they pussy power on most want to fuck a nigga that got all the bitches but its gpoing to be useless to to him pussy aint nothing to a nigga that get it all the time
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Women dont fuck, they get fucked.

Thats not power
sephon wrote:pressure on nose is actually legit though since I have photo proof. It's deformed even more since I posted. I also left it for 10 mins and it did not deform back, though that's probably not enough time. I will post final results before and after I sleep.

Yul Brynner wrote:
lowface wrote:Most females dont want to just fuck around. They want a ltr with the highest possible lms male.

Under a feminist dominated society, a LTR would be the last thing a woman would want. Why would they want to be tied down to a 5/10 sub human? He is NOTHING compared to her. In a female dominated society, women will all share the same top 10% of men, get impregnated by them and then raise the children themselves with the help of their relatives.

This post is spot on, but Yul Brunner misses the most important bit:

Women shall be in the rotating harem of 8 and 9 out of 10 males, and shall raise the kids with the help of their families (correct so far), and free/subsidized childcare, but most important of all, with the help of the government, who give these women a wage (single mother pension, or whatever it is called) which comes from the taxes of sub 8 invisible working males.

Every day you go to work and pay taxes, it is so that a single mum can sleep in, do what she wants, fuck guys from the internet, take the dogs for a walk on the beach. All she has to do is drop kids off at school, then pick them up after, and she'll probably get her parents to do that most times anyway, while she is out slobbering on some strangers cock from the internet

and the media, etc, will all applaud her, for being a strong woman.

Women are total fucking scum.

Workcelling is just enabling their whore lifestyle.

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