Proof women generally are retards and lack self awareness

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The sad thing is that she probably really truly believes this.
It's rare to find a woman who is really capable of of objective honest self-reflection. Their only reality is the social zeitgeist.

Number 6 wrote:The sad thing is that she probably really truly believes this.
It's rare to find a woman who is really capable of of objective honest self-reflection. Their only reality is the social zeitgeist.

Fucking legit

Stopped at 2 minutes.
I just lol that at the lies spewing what she wants in a guy. Lolololololol if all those are true, I would be her husband by now. She's denying looks factor. Couldn't handle her lies.

everybody upvote my comment it should be pretty obvious

i'm an 18 year old virgin i cant breath chew or sleep i have constant head aches i'm bullied by my family i'm ugly as fuck and everybody would be happier if i ate a bullet

mopdop wrote:everybody upvote my comment it should be pretty obvious

I'm sorry you got bullied and were forced to smoke tobacco and weed.

LMSghost wrote:go to 00.48

Well when it comes to what women want with regards to men (women don't know what they want), yes I have to agree, women generally are retards and lack self awareness.

You have to wonder if they actually believe the mental masturbation and bullshit they come out with.
This is what happens whenever I approach women.




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It works like this:

1. Woman says bullshit, and actually believes it
2. She comes across handsome alpha - all she said go down the shitter, and her wet pussy takes command


She comes across confident guy with good personality (just like she said she wanted), but he's ugly = her pussy dries up and shuts tight

She said she doesn't want a boyfriend that is smoking. I wonder if she would gargle/swallow a smoker's cum if he had an 8/10 face and were 6'2 tall

She's just saying it to get a WK audience and rake in the coin so she can buy more high heels and push up bras to fuck alphas
gobman3000 wrote:If she even passes the threshold of not making you gag by looking at her, then she's out of your league.


Everything she said is so formulamatic. It's always the exact same things
-guy who pays attention to the little things
-guy who is intelligent
-guy who is sweet and caring
When I heard her say those things I could hear the scribbling of pencils on note paper caused by a thousand incels all across the world.
Do women have a universal safe script they read off of when they are asked what they want from a gent?
Why would she say she can't speak for every other woman in terms of preference when she basically just replicated every other "what I want from a guy" list made on YouTube?
The whole video she is basically playing herself up as the typical big hearted one-itis type with stringing along the bunch of lonley male viewers, increasing thier ego by giving them assurance that they are in fact "different from all those asshole guys" and that they have "incelligence" and are "sweet and caring".

anyone who has dealt with women at least knows that what they says is in essence the polar opposite of what they mean but of course it's smarter to play it safe with the EXACT same Ol "guys with great personalities will get girls in the end!" Schtick to get more views and subscribers.

I feel anyone can make money by finding a way to make people feel good about themselves or to stroke thier erecting ego. That's why those get in shape quick schemes do so well and that's why social media is the fucking massive. People want to be praised for minuscule things which hold really little to no importance. A wise freind once told me no one ever wants to hear the truth and that in itself is a truth. People somehow generate this narrow idea of how they are as people and how thier lives are and whenever those beliefs are challenged in the slightest they react with volcanic passion.

in another video she admits she only approaches guys based on physical attraction. shes just another female liar.

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