You lads are much too hard on yourselves

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First time poster, though a reader of puahate for over a year – could never register for that website unfortunately. Well I’m glad I can finally be here to join the lot of you fellow strugglers with the female species. I’ve been a puahate reader for a reasonably long time, so I’m not just drawn here by the recent horrible doings of Elliot Rodger.

However I have just one genuine question, do 99% of this forum suffer with some bizarre mental problem or have deficient social skills? I ask because after seeing all of your posts and many pictures on the old puahate, I can confirm that while indeed the lot of you aren’t male model material, or at some David Gandy level of attractiveness……………………….still though, I would not call the majority of you ugly, mostly average with some bizarrely good looking lads who would complain about problems with women.

What gives, perhaps this is more an Americanised website with a focus around say California and Florida where everybody is trying for absolute perfection, and the perfect beach body is considered the only way to get one laid………but in the local nightclubs from where I’m from, I see lads who are even ugly pulling girls, certainly way below yourselves on the mystical 0-10 scale.

So what gives lads, is this website just for people with terrible social skills, because honestly if the old puahate posts are anything to go by, you shouldn’t be having these problems. Ok, you’re not going to get a 10/10 model, but isn’t that just a reality that 99.9% of the male population must accept as a truth? Come on, surely it couldn’t be that bad, I’m sure there’s a girl out there for you.
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See this post right here by me.

I will expand further on how I've fucked it all up thus far, if you're interested.

Howdy Honda Housey wrote:This is what I've been telling these nimrods for years.

They said I wasn't attractive because I 'don't get approached all the time'. Even though I got asked out by like 6 Chicks in my First Year and a Half at HS. (after then my approaches diminished greatly, due to terrible Acne.)

One chick in particular adored me, called me "Sex on legs". I was open about not having a GF, she offered to kiss me in French Class then and there. I declined cause I'm a majorly anxious/high inhibition bitch. (she was the first of the 6 chicks to ask me out...naturally I declined them all, Just LOL @ 11-12 year old me)

One bitch was stalking me on BEBO calling me Fit all the time under my pics.

Also in my HS class, 3 chicks argued against 1 (said chick from French Class & two others), about me being attractive. 1 was saying I'm not, whilst the other 3 were like "how is he not hot?".

In my last year of High School. One chick was flustered (blushing and smiling, she flapped her hand at her face as if too cool herself down). Her friend said what is it ? She said "Nothing, just *Howdy Honda Housey* looks so hot in Glasses"(they weren't glasses but goggles as such...for chemistry class, eye protection)

Another chick said to a friend of mine. "He's good looking, he just needs a Haircut" about me. (my hair was a bit longer then than it is now, and even now it's not exactly short, longer than most guys.

And recently, a customer said "You're very Handsome, by the way". Also a few months ago, Two Chicks walked past and one said "She's fancies you" (talking of her friend, who giggled, as they both walked off)

Got eyefucked by some 14 year old Girl. (she kept staring over at me, she stared at me like 11 times in 25 seconds.)

Also a few Female colleagues are very friendly. One eyefucked me the other week. (was getting into her Car, and stood and stared at me, I know cause I turned to stare at her...she had reached her Car like 15 seconds earlier, so fuck knows if she actually stood their and stared...") I've caught said chick looking over at me quite a few times when I'm working too...

That's as good as it gets. Bear in mind I've never went to a Nightclub or Pub in my life. So I can only speak off, School & Work. All in all, I've been asked out about...maybe...11ish times. Been complimented on my looks or heard from a third party that some chick/s like me another...11 or so times.

Get quite a few IOIs I guess...sometimes I get the feeling a Chick likes me but I'm not sure, I'm fucked I'm way behind the sex game compared to my peers, makes me really nervous and unsure.

inb4 some one says I'm lying, I'm not, I'm a kissless Virgin, not due to my looks though, I'm a certified God Tier Pretty Boy. Would make a Lethal Trap.

No you idiot. Puahate was about denouncing cold approaches and other weird aspie fanatics. Yes it's possible to get a girlfriend if you are a white extroverted male, otherwise you should give up.
Now for all the trolling on the site, yes there was a lot of trolling, bit we expected people to see past that if you're not a social fucktard.

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