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last weekend I had a conversation with my sister, she told me a few of her friends want to get pregnant, but their boyfriends had such bad sperm quality, so they are almost infertile. (like only 1-2% of good sperm)

the sperm quality of the western male is decreasing fast... but what can be the reason ?

I dont think it is nutrition, males in the past had 1500 calories diets, while working hard, and most of that shit food as well, not enough protein and so on.

Maybe the stressful modern lifestyle, sitting in front of a screen 10 hours a day ?
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Pretty much everything in the Western world fucks up testosterone levels; xenoestrogens, stress, sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical labor, unnatural sleeping patterns, fucked up nutrition and alcohol. And that's only the environmental factors. I bet today's generation is genetically inferior compared to people born 100 years ago.
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Maybe overpopulation in big cities. Maybe because men fap everyday.

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