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Share your experiences with the opposite sex. Suggest ways to improve your success. Analyze the behavior of females in real life and online. Rant and rave about females. Show the importance of looks pertaining to attracting females and other social situations. Discuss aesthetics and the science of attractiveness. Exchange health, nutrition and looksmaxing tips.

I have had a very long and in depth conversation with a professional about attraction and psychology of social anxiety.

People are attracted to their looks level, you most likely are but are too arrogant to give yourself a chance
or you could be too immature to be your own man and therefore find your own women. It could also and is most likely that people here are psychologically projecting their own shallowness on to everyone else.

To increase social skills take Astaxanthin every morning. Do not bother researching it. If you take it also keep your fat intake high and of a vast variety, poly, mono and saturated to combat the overly increased anti-oxidant effect.
I would suggest 2mg Astaxanthin for every 100g of fat in your diet, this is a very rough guide.
Along with this you should practice mindfulness meditation before bed, and then eventually as you walk down the street also. Meditation should also include focusing on physically feeling things such as clothing fabric as a type of mindfulness meditation.

When you panic or feel anxious note 3 things you can hear, 3 things you can see and verbalize the object's name and then feel 3 things around you such as a brick wall or tree. During meditation not only are you practising focus but also being non judgemental of your thoughts while still acknowledging them.
"Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Maxims

That won't change anything, but thanks for sharing.
Also that drug you recommended causes bloating and farts.

the only drugs that will help are MAOI like nardil and parnate and benzos like klonopin

TheRealShill wrote:
People are attracted to their looks level.

I'm attracted to this.Shall i ask her out?Brb.

There's no such thing as "social skill"

Literally the most repulsive person can be "socially skilled", if you make him a millionaire.
Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them



TheRealShill wrote:
People are attracted to their looks level

That is bullshit. Almost everyone will prefer a hot partner over an ugly one. But most are realistic enough to settle for a matched partner. Doesn't mean when they have sex with closed eyes that they don't think about the hot neighbor.
Escort crew
Workcel crew
Oldcel crew

Lol @ taking some catechin antioxidant supplement thinking it will do shit :lol:

Dumbest shit I've heard in the world.

Want better social skills? MDMA. An attractive face will help too :lol:

so hypergamy doesn't exists :?: and women are a delicate little flowers who dont aim high

pikachu wrote:
ebola wrote:so hypergamy doesn't exists :?: and women are a delicate little flowers who dont aim high

you do understand that when people have social anxiety they will think that women giving them ioi's only do it so they can troll them?

most Balkan women dont give any signs man

pikachu wrote:
ebola wrote:most Balkan women dont give any signs man

you told me you got assburger, you do know that means you are blind to it

I just have a mild autism and i am anxious sometimes.But i am a solid reader of people.99% of guys i know agree that Balkan women are extremely hard to get and are making obstacles even for guys they like.Later they are complaining how they are giving "signs" while IRL they admit it to their girl friends.

ebola wrote:most Balkan women are extremely hard to get .

Women always play hard to get game with average man.However if you put High LMS on the table,especially L,they will never make you wait.

I live in a muslim shithole.Even muslim (secular) women makes it easier sometimes.If your woman doesn't open her legs up in a week,then it means she isn't attracted to you.(she doesn't find you sexually attractive)

Even though she will make you wait for 1 month so you'll think she is good,reserved,timid girl that wants good man.Just lol. :lol:

If you don't give a shit about her (which most likely the case is just sex) just get escorts.

pikachu wrote:you are an emotional wreck so the only people who talk to you irl are similar, and those men are hesitant, which is something that puts women off since they don't really know wtf they want and expect most stuff from the guys

women are risk averse and when she sees that you are afraid of a mild risk like what if you are wrong about the situation, she's better of cutting you off than to try to change you into a "slayer" which will never ever happen

other thing is sexual frustration, now women who are okay with it generally don't gravitate around the areas where loser men attend so the loser guys will only hit on anxious girls, it's much like a slob hitting on a landwhale on pof

forget the tv, the internet, your parents, religion, just do wtf makes sense to you otherwise you will never get out of this maze of petrified childhood

I am not that bad,i was much worse before.Please no tough guy talk.I had friends who had many girlfriends and some of them are married so they aren't losers.But their chicks just cant stand you if you you want to hang out with them and have no gf yourself.Then my ex friends had to choose-either me or a chance of procreation.Of course they chosen second one.Also i had a vibrant social life before,going out to many places and meeting various subcultures.So i am not gravitating around "loserish" areas as you say.

pikachu wrote:
if that was true you wouldn't be here trolling yet you are

you are a nostalgiacel

I bet you were a wierdass wallflower and people only tolerated you because they had options at that time

I don't even know who is that nostalgicincel.So shameful people here are badasses online,i bet they would think twice of saying something to me if the saw me on the street.

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