How can you guys find courage to approach random girls ?

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Booze does the trick for me. They even have a bar at the mall so you can daygame drunk to. In all seriousness it is just like being a little kid who is scared of jumping off the high dive for the first time. Once you do it you find out that its not really that bad as you have worked up in your head. The only time rejection starts to get bad is when you have done hundreds of approaches and gotten rejected every time, but if its something that you are really this scared of you should do it regardless and will probably feel proud of yourself for facing your fear.

Cold approach is pretty weird especially outside of a club. It's all about warm approach anyway.

Approaching random girls is far easier than approaching hot girl.

I'll be at the club tonight and I'll certainly have a dozen opportunities to approach a chick by herself or another one who sent me obvious IOI's. Thing is, they will likely be ugly. The hot girls are surrounded by an army of orbiters too busy having the time of their life to acknowledge an intruder.

serialhead wrote: In all seriousness it is just like being a little kid who is scared of jumping off the high dive for the first time. Once you do it you find out that its not really that bad as you have worked up in your head.

Approach is bad and scary EVERY time
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MistGeburt3000 wrote:Well it seems bizarre but i imagine that i could approach ugly or chubby average girls, there was this drunken punker girl last week and i was short before to approach her but i am just scared to approach this hot as fuark looking girls in hotpants or with those angel faces.

Could it be that it is so hard for us because we do not feel alright in our own skin ?

The hotter girls are actually nicer than the ugly ones but like the poster above said it is hard as fuck to get their attention.

I did sometimes.

It´s very easy. Just imagine there is no reason to feel fear. Girl can´t kill you or something like that.

Approaching is not something bad.

The no.1 sign that you are incel is when you have to cold approach women.

BetaCuckold wrote:just keep in mind that they are worthless whores

Actually, they have WAY more value than any of us :lol:

Just accept you will have like 1% success rate.Amount of trouble for getting a pussy is so tiring.Just do it until you make it.

ItalianClavicleCel wrote:
MistGeburt3000 wrote:

Well i dont fear the actual approaching the girl etc sequence but i fear the rejection it self, i fear how it makes me feel afterwards , i actually fear the feeling of rejection and i know myself good enough that i would end up in hating and vengeance feelings that would rend my mind fucked up for several days.

You can't take it personally though. Girls sometimes just aren't sexually available nor do they care enough to give you a chance. As an average guy, they just don't have time for you in their eventful lives. You need to be a celeb or male model to knock their socks off in a cold approach, and none of us here are male models except a few

Yes you need to keep in mind things like when a girl logs into her facebook she could easily have 20+ messages all from different guys. All modern pick up is basically finding ways to not get lumped into the heap of average guys messaging her. You need looks status or something to stick out.

Looking for IOIs is really all you can do. I don't fear the approach as much. My strategy is to converse for as long as I can to try and pick up more IOIs/body language. If I don't get an ok feeling, I will leave without closing. I also don't linger or force the conversation if they aren't reciprocating questions/not making eye contact/too much multi-tasking with friends...I have noticed rejection hurts worst after red pill IMO.
Eww face?
Know your place.

im not scared of rejection, only scared of my aspie showing. my head just freezes up and idk wat to say next and usually we just hav awkward silences. the only way to not be afraid of rejection is approach girls that u dont give a fuck about, so regardless of whether they reject u or not it wont affect u. i use to b afraid of cold approaching coz i had this image in my head that everyone should like me. but really in life, no1 gives a fuck about u except for friends/family. have this mentality that if she doesnt like u then tell urself in ur mind "your loss bitch" move on to next one
just lol at your life if girls aren't smiling at you like this

pikachu wrote:you are afraid of things you haven't tried

60%-70% of the cases women don't even stop no matter how you dress, talk, walk, etc, it's like you never registered on the radar



You don't approach random girls. That's aspie and desperate as fuck, has a low success rate, and these days as a sub 8 can have you charged with sexual harassment and thrown in jail. Then cunts on Tumblr will whine about you and "street harassment." :lol: :lol:

If you must cold approach, do so in a social setting where it is more acceptable. Have some alcohol in your system and you'll be fine.

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