How is wearing makeup not considered a sign of BDD?

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It's akin to guys who roid out to totally unnatural physiques. Chicks put on varying amounts of makeup to hide their features that they aren't happy with. Why aren't girls told to just be happy with their looks, and develop a good personality to attract guys??

In my opinion makeup is the in the top 3 things that really screws over guys. Chicks power in life, society, and most importantly relationships, comes from their looks (no one cares if they are CEO of a Fortune 100). So they basically created something that allows them to increase their looks by 3 points effortlessly. Fuck that. There is nothing equivalent a guy can do to improve like that. Guys with shitty skin are FUCKED, but I thought a girl I knew was pretty cute until I basically saw her off guard randomly one day with no makeup and her face was covered in acne.
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Anytime I see a girl wearing too much makeup I can't even take her seriously anymore. The fact that she's so self-conscious about her face to need to hide it like that shows that she's probably buttugly underneath. At least ugly girls without makeup don't lie about it, I can respect that.

Makeup is the equivalent of a guy wearing lifts to make you think he's taller. Girls will get pissed at any guy who does something like that to lie about his appearance while they do the same exact thing. Hypocrites, man.

moremoneythanlooks wrote:Bdd is when the problem you perceive does not exist.

Okay are we taking it there?

You make a good point. Lets alter Ops title. Make up is a sign of painful insecurity and complete lack of confidence in yourself and your physical appeal.

I dont agree with this, there is a wise piece of advice that says never pick up a girl who isn't wearing make up.

Makeup is the social norm so it shouldnt just imply any negative problem unless that problem is with society and not the individual. Wanting to look your best even through deception does not imply any insecurity or such.

If you have a fucked nose and you know it, thats technically not insecurity. If you have a good nose and you seek approval on it that is insecurity. I think also being fat and asking if you look fat in these pants may be classified as insecurity too.

I don't know how I feel about make-up. On some level I like it cause it makes girls look extra pretty/beautiful. Especially in the eye area; that makes me hngggg. But on another level, it inflates their ego and gives them an unfair advantage. Maybe without it, we'd be able to fuck up often. Idk what I'd want to happen with makeup. It's a win-win either way for me.

the girls are truly attractive were little to no makeup...if a girl wears massive amounts of makeup she usually has terrible skin and covers it up

moremoneythanlooks wrote:Bdd is when the problem you perceive does not exist.

No it isn't.

The real definition of BDD is when you lent our perception of your looks affect your life or dwell on it too much. That can mean the flaw is really there or you're imagining it. Ether way, if its having a negative impact on your functioning, then it's BDD

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