Ugly video game nerd gets ultracucked by wife at convention

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PotatoFacedManlet wrote:
White Nationalist wrote:Post the whole story you fucking asshole. Give us the source in the OP next time you make a thread like this.

I still don't know where to find the info on this. Give us the /v/ thread or whatever.

Also, just lol at speedrunning. Thats almost as bad as MLP.

Yeah, speedrunning is full of ugly, effeminate looking, stuttering subhumans. Even way more than the normal video game community is.

There is no one /v/ thread. There have been constant /v/ threads on this and you can search the archive to find what happened in 5 minutes. ... ext/tolki/

Here's pretty much the story-

>sam (goes by showvideogames) is married
>he and his wife, who is vastly more attractive than he is, go to sdgq which is a speedrunning convention for subhumans
>bunch of guys get drunk with her in a hotel room while her husband is away, including stivitybobo, some speedrunner
>he says they all kissed her and only he banged her according to his accounts (
>sam the nerd gets flustered and leaves the convention once he finds out
>stivitybobo keeps creaming his wife for the rest of the convention after he left

>stiv writes the dude a condescending "apology" letter (

the end

that's fucked up..what a fucking whore

They should bring back or enforce adultery laws to prosecute this guy or guys and the wife, or allow the husband to take vigilante justice if he choose to. In the past these would've been outcast from society or even killed. There's no consequence for people's behavior and that's why it keeps continuing and increasing in occurrence. People are only as good and decent as they're forced to be.

why is all this shit out there for the public to read?

i dont get it

also any pics of the bull? and more of the girl?


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